Valentine's Day Tutorial: Wednesday
Valentine's Day Tutorial: Friday

Valentine's Day Tutorial: Thursday

Anyone notice the renovations around here?  They're small, but I felt like I let my blog get too junky with too much text, so I slimmed it down for a more graphic look.  Any opinions are much appreciated!

Also, this very sweet girl gave me this award:


Once you receive this award, you must pass on the love and nominate 7 blogs you find inspirational.  Well, really, I've decided to thank a few women who I do not really know at all, but have gotten to know through their online presence.  Some I know from message boards, some from their blogs, others because they leave me comments.  Thanks for being such nice people!

Thank you so much, ladies!  You are all wonderful, positive people and I love knowing you're out there!

And here is today's project:


It's a box covered with a very simple quilled design.  Full disclosure: People who really know how to do quilling do amazing stuff!  Check some out here.  I am a total dabbler.  Nevertheless, here's the video...

Thanks for stopping by!