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Today I've got another card tutorial to share.  Here's the supply list:

STEP ONE: Cut Your Grungeboard

Grungeboard comes in several different patterns. I'm using the one embossed with swirls.  I cut it in half...


...and then cut the half in half. 


STEP TWO: Color Your Grungeboard

Take the two small strips and color them with distress inks, using the ink applicator tool.  You can also just rub the pad directly onto the grungeboard or use paint. It's completely up to you. 


You can see that I colored one half in cold tones and the other half in warm tones.

STEP THREE: Cut Your Strips

There are no specific measurements here, but you want to cut your grungeboard into little strips about one-eighth inch wide.


One of the coolest things about grungeboard is that you can cut it into these really small strips and it won't disintegrate at all (the way that traditional chipboard does)!

STEP FOUR: Weave It!

Weaving is a really simple process.  I made this little illustration to help explain it.


When you're done, it will look something like this:


Cut off the excess strips and adhere your weaving to your card blank using the Diamond Glaze or Glossy Accents. 

STEP FIVE: Spray with Glimmer Mist

Once the adhesive is dry, spray your card blank with Glimmer Mist, focusing on the weaving.


Not only does this add a bit of needed shine, but it helps disguise any places where the adhesive oozed out and is now showing.

STEP SIX: Create The Heart

Cut a small heart from your remaining grungeboard.  Spray it with the Oriental Poppy Glimmer Mist.


While it's still wet, cover the heart with either Glossy Accents or Diamond Glaze.  I like the way the two liquids mix.


It looks cloudy now, but it will dry clear.  Once it's dry, adhere it on top of the weaving.  And here is your finished card:


The sentiment I wrote inside says, "You've captured my heart."

Thanks for stopping by!