Miss Crow for February!
"Um, Waiter, There's a Bug in My Soup...!"

Greetings From Crop Land!

I'm having a fantastic time at this four day crop marathon!  I've gotten a lot done, but the best part was a crop game we played today.  I'm not normally big on games, but I really enjoyed this one.  We did a page round robin.  Here's how it works:

STEP ONE: We took a photo of all five us together outside (and man was it freezing!) on the boardwalk.

STEP TWO: We printed said photo five times.  And each of us received one copy.

STEP THREE: We were given fifteen minutes to start a one page layout using that photo.

STEP FOUR: Every fifteen minutes, we passed the page we were working on to our left.  We repeated this until everyone had added a little something to every page.

There were no rules about what you could use.  And you were allowed to remove things that previous people had added.  Here are the pages we came up with...






So, none of them are totally what I would have done, but it's so much fun to see a little bit of my style mixed in with everyone else's.  Isn't it interesting how all but one of the pages has the photo on the right side?  And I think circles made it onto every single layout too!

And you must check out these soda can flowers:


Um...so cool!

Well, it's back to cropping for me!  Thanks for stopping by!