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*blush* I signed my first autographs yesterday...

I taught two fantastic classes yesterday.  Or rather, I should say, I taught two fantastic groups of women yesterday!  My Journal Quilt Class has started a new semester over at The City Quilter.  I teach one session of the class from 12-2 and another from 6-8pm.  The two groups of students are very different and so each class has a different flavor!

We meet once a month and do a journaling exercise and then learn a new mixed media technique.   This month was monoprints.  I thought I'd share some photos of my students and their journals and the monoprints they made in class:

The class is all about learning how to design your own art quilts and fill them with meaning, and I was extremely proud of what everyone did.  It always inspires me to do more and learn more. 

Speaking of inspiration, I bought four books while I was at the store (I have to *stop* buying books!):


  • Fabulous Fabric Art with Lutrador: I have been dying to get my hands on this book, but it has been sold out every single time I've been at the quilt store.  Lutrador is one of the hot new products out there and this is supposed to be the bible.
  • Sew Somerset (technically a magazine): I love all of the Somerset publications and this one jumped off the bookshelf and into my greedy little hands.
  • Fabric Art Collage: This book looks delicious!  It's chock full of techniques and ideas and I can't wait to read it from start to finish!
  • Designer Bead Embroidery: I adore bead embroidery and this book goes beyond the basics to some pretty spectacular patterns.  I'm looking forward to some experiments!

I am such a book junkie and I can't wait to devour the books and be inspired!  But, alas, I'm swamped with work this weekend, so it'll have to wait....

Finally, a few of my students were unbelievably sweet and asked me to autograph their copies of Cloth Paper Scissors.


Too much fun!  I giggled while I was doing it!

Thanks for stopping by!