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Scrapbook Memories TV: Day Two

Scrapbook Memories TV: Day One

Day one of taping is over.  I am tired, but happy.  On Tuesday, when I arrived, I set up most of my Sakura projects:


Each project has its own tray in the green room.  I put the finished samples and all the necessary supplies onto the tray and then the tray gets taken into the studio.  And because I was sharing supplies across several projects, I had to put post-its on each tray, noting which supplies needed to be traded around.


Above is a fun photo of Beth Madland, one of the two hosts of Scrapbook Memories TV.  She had to get on a plane yesterday, so we were rushing to get her out as fast as possible.  She had a total marathon day running from episode to episode and through dozens of costume changes!

And here is Katherine Lamancusa who keeps everything running on schedule:


Her official title is "Segment Producer," but she really has her finger in absolutely everything.  If you have a question, she has an answer.  And if you've got a problem, she solves it!


This is the little breakfast bar in the green room.  And after lunch it becomes the snack bar.  Therefore, the crew is always coming in to grab something - usually right when people are changing.  We're supposed to change here:


But since it's mostly girls, we often just change by the clothing rack:


So a sentry has to be put by the door to stop anyone from coming in whilst shirts are being taken off.  Usually it's Katherine who does it.

Now, how about some glamour shots?


And a close up....


Lots of makeup.  Which leads to this phenomenon:


...drinking diet coke through a straw covered in lipstick.  Ew.  You can kind of see my notebook in the back of that photo.  Here's a close up of it:


I had to chart my outfits and jewelry and coordinate them with the hosts (the numbers refer to the episodes).  Speaking of which...


That's what the schedule looks like.  And you can see the polaroids of the hosts' outfits here:


Here's a quick photo of Julie McGuffee, the other host:


And a quick photo of me in the "dressing room" mirror:


And this is Kathie Stull, the producer of the show:


Lunch is held in the most beautiful room.  It's a sort of solarium and so bright and pleasant.



Of course, the best part of taping the show is meeting all sorts of cool and interesting people.  Pictured above (in severe profile) is Jeannie Sumrall Ajero who lives in Colorado.  We talked about quilts, scrapbooking, and traveling around Asia.

I was the last to go.  I think my first segment started set up around 2:30pm or 3pm.  And by a little after 6pm, we had taped eight of the twelve segments.  Whew.  While Julie McGuffee taped some solo stuff, I cleaned up the aftermath of the storm and left the studio around 7pm.  You can imagine the mess that accrues in the green room....


I'll leave you with a quick photo of the TV in the green room.  This is Julie and Beth in action:


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