Scrapbook Memories TV: Day One
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Scrapbook Memories TV: Day Two


Well, we've wrapped.  Everything in the studio was packed up and driven, carried or shipped to its final destination.  But, let's start at the beginning of the day, rather than the end....

I started the day in the makeup room a little after 8:30am.  Here's a photo of the lovely and talented makeup artist, Karen. 


The makeup room is so hot because all of those bulbs put out a ton of heat.  After makeup, I hung out in the green room with the other guests.  Here's a fun photo someone took of me:


It's very much a "personality shot."  A totally typical pose for me.  Silly face and crossed arms.  The shooting went really well and we were pretty much wrapped up on set by 12:30pm.  The other guests (Unibind and Spellbinders) were both really great and managed to do everything in one take!  So, the day just flew by.

After lunch, Mike was kind enough to take me on a tour of the control room (pictured below)...


...and the server room (I don't think that's what it's actually called, but I can't remember the real name and it looks like a server room to me).


Mike was a fantastic tour guide.  He took me through the whole process and chatted a bit about the history of the studio.  It was awesome!

Here's a shot of the set from afar...


...and one of the camera that does the overhead shooting (this is from the perspective of being on set)....


After we packed everything up, host Julie McGuffee took me out to Chagrin Falls to walk around and have some dinner.  We accidentally stumbled upon both an antique car show and a little festival.  I know I don't usually do photo heavy posts, but here are some photos of our evening:









It was a pretty nice last day in Cleveland!  Julie McGuffee has been in the crafting biz for many many years and it was fascinating to hear about her personal story.  She's also been with Scrapbook Memories TV since its very first show when it was called "Memories and More."  She has written about fifty crafting books and knows everyone and every company.  I just sat and listened.  It was awesome.

So, now I'm headed off to go and stay with my Mom over the long weekend.  I hope you have something fun planned for yourself!

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