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Welcome to Cleveland!

So Excited!

I know this is totally geeky, but I'm way excited!  One of my all time favorite jewelry artists (and a stellar teacher) is Susan Lenart Kazmer.  I own a few pieces of her work and I've taken some classes from her as well.  This is a bracelet I made in one of her classes about two years ago:


Her stuff is so fabulous and interesting, you must go and check it out.  

But, let me get to the part that I'm excited about! 

I've been reading Deryn Mentock's blog for the last few months (go and visit, it's wonderful).  She makes fabulous, fabulous jewelry too.  And I just found out that Deryn is going to be on the design team for Susan's *new collection* of components and tools.  AND that they're starting a blog for the online store!  Yay!  Lots of wonderful inspiration will be found, I'm sure.

Totally makes my day.  *grin*

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