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8.5x11 Love

8.5x11 isn't really a scrapbook page size that I ever work with.  Occasionally, I'll do 11x8.5 (i.e. landscape), but I've just never been an 8.5x11 girl.

Another thing I stink at is two-page layouts.  I really have a lot of trouble working with the 12x24 canvas.  I just don't "get" it.

So, I decided to do some experimenting.  And lo and behold, I'm loving the 8.5x11 two-page spread.


And how cool is this?  I just found out that this layout is the "Featured Layout" over at Two Peas!  Wowza!  I took a screenshot since I didn't know when I'd be posting this and if it would have changed to someone else's layout.  Take a peek:


Pretty cool!  If you're not familiar with Two Peas, it's the biggest scrapbooking site around.  The gallery has hundreds of layouts in it, so I'm tickled pink!  Just proof that experimenting is always a good choice!  LOL!

AND...I finally drew a random winner for my little box of stuff.  It's...


Oh, my favorite card site is:

Different style than yours for sure, but easier for me to card-lift. LOL

Send me your address Sue and I'll send you your box of stuff!

Have a great day!