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Easy Inspiration

This is a post that I wrote for the Right at Home Scrapbooking Blog.  It appeared on that blog a few days ago.

Today, I want to share an easy way to be inspired by modern art: use it to create your background! 

Mark Rothko is one of my favorite abstract artists.  In case you're not familiar with his work, here are three of his paintings:


I love the way his blurry colorblocking looks.  When I look at these paintings, I see a border with blocks of color inside.  Essentially, this:


Now, given how much I paint on my pages, it would be easy to look at these paintings and find inspiration by copying those blocks of color directly.  What a cool background for a page or a tag, right?

But, I decided to push the inspiration a little farther out and use patterned paper.  I had some Cosmo Cricket paper leftover from their Christmas collection, "Oh Joy":


But the patterns were too bold.  I needed something softer.  Luckily, the other side of the papers (don't you love double sided paper)...


...was absolutely perfect!  I cut strips (as you can see below):


And then I glued them into place to create my Rothko-esque background:


And here's the finished layout:


You can see that I turned the background sideways.  I added my photo, some flowers, a title, some journaling, and a few doodle dots!  Super simple!

Now it's your turn to be inspired by art!  Pick an artist you like or just head to your local museum or art gallery for some easy inspiration!