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Right at Home: Making Memories Wedding Line

ETA: Oh.  My.  God.  Know how I mentioned that I had thrown some cards into the horse race over at Paper Crafts magazine's Gallery Idol competition?  Well, I made the top twenty!!!!!!  276 people submitted 1,254 birthday cards for just 20 spots!  Wheeeeee!  Round two starts immediately.  But, just for making it to the top twenty, I get this prize package:


Lots of Cosmo Cricket goodies!  How fun is that?  The next challenge is a wedding card and I believe the public will vote once the cards go up on Monday.  I'll post more once I know more.  So excited!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming:

The ladies at Right at Home Scrapbooking sent me papers and embellishments from Making Memories Wedding Line this month.  I had a ball pulling the pieces apart and making a lot of non-wedding layouts with the line!  However, before we get to that, I've got a super fun project for the summer!


This is the front and back of a 7gypsies spinner card.  The paper I used for the background on both sides, and for the banner on the front, was made by stamping with celery.



Watch the video below for instructions:

Now for the layouts!

This one is so simple and graphic:


I cut apart this paper...


...to create the circles on the layout. 


Because the circles are offset on the original paper, I had to cut apart rows of three circles and then glue them together.  But, before I glued them down, I fed them through my typewriter to add my journaling.  (You may notice a kind of typewriter theme here.)

This next layout has been the bane of my existence for the last forty-eight hours.  I am not one of those quick scrappers who just puts stuff down and says "done!"  And I have agonized over this one for a while.  And (shhhhh, don't tell anyone) I actually re-did the layout.  It just never settled into feeling really right and I kept staring at it and staring at it until it bugged me too much to leave it alone!


But, I'm pleased with it now.  Much simpler than I normally do, but I'm happy.  I stole the white border from this paper:


I used a pair of scissors to trim it off and then added a dyed version of this paper...


...to the bottom half.


I used a mixture of dye inks and Adirondack Color Wash to color it.

BUT, before I put it on the layout above, I used it as a stencil to create the background for the layout below:


I like a lot of things about this layout, but I'm kind of grumpy with how the title turned out.  Not at all like it was in my head.  Something about the "of" just bugs me a lot.  (BTW: I am totally enamored with the American Crafts puffy Thickers on this layout.  That font is so divine!  It's called "rainboots."  These ones are leftover from my June Label Tulip kit.  I'm on the hunt for more!)  Anyway, here's a close up of the background:


Also, notice that I painted this paper...


...blue, because the stark black and white was fighting with the photos a bit too much.

This layout was a last minute addition.


It was kind of a series of good mistakes.  Behind the lace paper (Creative Imaginations), is a piece of cardstock that I had painted and sprayed for another project and then decided not to use.  But, the color was just so vibrant, I had to use it for something!

There's a lot of texture and pattern on this layout (and color) and so I used a mixture of gesso and watercolor paint on the journaling card to tame the pattern a bit, which started as this paper:


You can also see it in its "raw" state under the "J" in the detail photo below.


I start most layouts with a story I want to tell.  This one sort of just came together and then the fact that I could only fit one letter in the frame, gave me an idea for the journaling: "J" words that describe me!

Finally, June 'tis the season of weddings.  And I couldn't let this whole wedding collection go without any wedding fun!  Thus, I give you a short tutorial on making a wedding dress embellishment like the one below:


You could use the dress element on a card, as a package topper, on a page.  Whatever your pleasure!

Here's the "how to":

If you'd like the template I used to make my wedding dress, you can download it here.

Whew.  Monster post.  Thanks for stopping by!