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Scrapbook Trends Now Online

Scrapbook Trends is a funky little scrapbooking magazine that I think most people are familiar with.  It has a cool square Freemacard_sidebar format and almost no advertisements.  Each layout gets an individual page and the photography is really beautiful!  Of course, it can be hard to come by.  But, no longer!  They're going with the swing of things and offering a digital version of the magazine.  If you'd like to check it out, just click on the button.

You'll be able to see their free "mini album" edition, which has some really cool projects.  There's one album that has me lusting after it.  It's by Debbie vanMarter, who unfortunately doesn't seem to have a blog (I googled her).

But the best part, is that there's a big section on bookbinding.  If you've ever wanted to give it a try, check out the article.  Lots of great information, step-by-step directions and photos!

I think it's $4.99/month to subscribe digitally (the newstand price is like $14 or something) and for $9.99 you can get an "all access pass" to all their publications: Bead Trends, Cards, etc.

And some other good news:

  • Donna Downey recently featured my canvas album on her blog.  It was so very nice of her!  You can see it here.
  • I had a page I submitted at least a year ago (whoa!) picked up Creating Keepsakes!  Yay!  This was especially nice because I haven't submitted anything in months and months.  I've been too busy.  So, it was a lovely surprise!
  • I've got some exciting and fun news to share about a new gig, but I have to stay silent for just a little while longer!  Eek!
  • I was asked to stay on for another term at Right at Home Scrapbooking.  Such a treat!
  • I will have a brand new tutorial (video and pictoral) on Ali Edwards' blog, as part of her Tuesday Tutorials series, in September!  Really looking forward to that one!

Finally, a friend of mine had a birthday recently.  I wanted to make her something special, so I sat down and put together this simple, but chic, necklace:



Sorry that these photos are so terrible.  I've never quite figured out how to photograph jewelry.  Any tips?

Thanks for stopping by!