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CHA: Monday

Box of Art

Ideas for traveling with art supplies (from flickr):

1. Traveling Journal Kit - contents, 2. Crafty Girl-on-the-go kit contents, 3. Artists Field Bag, 4. The Supply Kit, 5. ARToids, 6. How it will all get there

I have an endless fascination with designing ways to travel with my art supplies.  I suspect you might be able to identify with me.  I am a passionate crafter and the idea of time away from creating makes me a little bit crazy!  How is it a vacation if I can't get crafty?  My biggest issues are:
  1. Editing: How can I pare down what I'm bringing!?  I want to take it all!
  2. The Box: Everywhere I go, I search for the "perfect" box.  Not too big.  Not too small.  Hardy.  Attractive.  It's the Holy Grail of boxes, you know?
As I write this, I'm currently debating between bringing this vintage-looking (but totally new) lunchbox. 


It's quite large and roomy.  I can even fit my art journal inside.

Or this pencil case...


...which I bought at Staples last week.

You can see the size difference here:


Though, the photo doesn't really show the depth difference.  The pencil case is relatively shallow and the lunch box is pretty darn deep.  I think I just have to pick one and stop flip flopping back and forth on it, you know?

Pros and Cons
  • The pencil case is much more portable.  Pencil Case√
  • I can bring many more supplies in the lunchbox.  Lunchbox√
  • I can put the journal itself in the lunchbox.  Lunchbox√
  • I will be more creative with limited supplies.  Pencil Case√
  • I can fit a full size set of paints in the lunchbox.  Lunchbox√
  • I can fit a full set of Mini Misters in the lunchbox.  Lunchbox√
  • WAIT!  I think I just figured something out in typing this....I can fit the Pencil Case INSIDE the lunchbox and have the best of both worlds!  A kit within a kit!  Genius!!!!
One problem down, but here's the next: Should I have two sets of supplies?  i.e. One that permanently lives in the box and one that I use at home.  Because, to a certain extent, having to pack and unpack the kit is a pain and makes me pack it last minute because I don't want to give up any of the supplies.  Which, unsurprisingly, leads to me forgetting things.  But, perhaps that's a problem to discuss on another day.  Let me get to packing...

(Insert time passing here.  About twenty-four hours passed for me between writing the first part and writing the rest of this post.)

Here's what I've put into the two kits so far:


The pencil case has (1) 2 Distress ink pads - 1 black and 1 brown; (2) an adhesive roller; (3a) mini stapler; (3b) mini stapler refill staples; (4) scissors - love my Cutterbees; (5) mini Koi watercolor set, which includes a water brush; (6) mini mister full of water; (7) writing tools: Sakura Pigma Microns (.01, .03, .08 tips), Uniball Signo, mechanical pencil with eraser; (8) rag; (9) Glue Dots.

I can definitely grab this pencil case and have no trouble creating!  But, if I want a little bit more....


The lunchbox has: (1) plain white cardstock; (2) gesso; (3) 4 ink blending tools - seriously one of the best tools in the world; (4) mini misters filled with homemade Glimmer Mist (water+re-inkers+Perfect Pearls); (5) mini lunchbox filled with a set of alphabet stamps I carved; (6) mini alphabet stamps; (7) a tiny teflon sheet; (8) glue pen; (9) big rubber band full of Sakura pens; (10) tiny bottle of Fabri-Tac; (11) tiny bottle of Glossy Accents; (12) Crackle Paint; (13) 3 Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabbers; (14) Distress Ink Pads in red and yellow; (15) 7gypsies pre-printed tags; (16) plain Avery shipping tags; (17) foam adhesive.

Whew.  I think I may throw in an extra paintbrush or two and I'm debating about gel medium (can you tell that I'm adhesive obsessed?), but otherwise, I'm pretty happy with everything I've chosen.

I'm going to go and finish packing for CHA, because I'm off to Orlando in the morning!!  And I'm taking my big box of art with me!

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