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CHA: Tuesday

CHA: Monday

The official open of the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) show is tomorrow morning.  Today was a travel day for me.  The airport was a zoo!  Everyone was hot and cranky and the lines moved sooooooooo slowly.  But, I'm in a chipper mood and even sitting on the runway for an hour couldn't change that!  Life's too short to be in a bad mood, right?

It helped that I brought along a project to play with:


I packed my box of art (from yesterday's post) in my packed luggage.  Scissors and liquids and all that make it impossible to bring as carry on.  But I put this lovely box of beads into my backpack.  Here's what I did:


Yes, it took me three hours to stitch the little amount you see here.  As the flight attendant said, "You must have a lot of patience."  I find it really relaxing to bead.  It's my version of knitting.

Back to CHA: I'm bunking with Kim Brooks, who is the owner of Portrait Bug, the local scrap store in Manhattan.  We're staying at The Peabody Orlando, which is located right across from the convention center.  This means that we don't have to be outside for too long -- just a quick dash across the street.  After all, this is Florida in July.  And that means hot, hot, hot, and humid.  Ick!

I've got my sneakers, water bottle, camera, and tote bag sitting by the door.  I'm ready to roll.  It's late here, just after midnight.  In the morning, we have to pick up our badges and make it to our first appointment, which is at American Crafts at 9:30am.

But, before I got to bed, two personal notes:

  • Just had two layouts picked up by Somerset Memories!  Yay!
  • Check out the brand new search function on my blog!  (Kim added it for me.  She said she was frustrated by looking for something on my blog and never being able to find it!)  The search box is in the left column at the bottom, under the "Project Fifty-Two" information.  You can enter a single word or many words and search the content of my blog!  How cool is that?

Thanks for stopping by!  I'm hoping to have some excellent CHA coverage tomorrow!  See you then!