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CHA-Summer 2009: Tuesday (continued)

Continuing yesterday's post...I left off right at the Prima booth!  Get ready for some eye candy!  I know that I said this yesterday, and I'll say it again, there's nothing like seeing these products and projects in person.  They're so much more in person.  Here's hoping you can sort of tell how magnificent it all was!

Flowers are up first.  Can every single one be my new favorite?


I really loved the collection of printed flowers (above).  The project below uses the top center one (in slightly different colors):







Love these flowers (above) and you can really see them put to good use in the card below.  It's stunning!


Prima's design team is really amazing (and I'm not just saying that because I'm a member.  I'm still  pinching myself about making the team!)  Anyway, I love this layout (below) by Jen Jockisch.  She is super über talented.


I don't consider myself a girly-girl, but the new butterflies and birds totally make me swoon!  They come in a ton of colors and sizes.  I couldn't even begin to photograph them all!


Love this Christmas-y line of flowers too!  Really spectacular!


How about this giant clothespin!?  And do you see the new green packaging as the base of the card on the clothespin?


That packaging was put to good use in this banner...


...and Cari Fennell made my jaw drop with this sassy purse.  It's an old book covered with paper and the sides are Prima packaging!  Genius!


Donna Downey was doing make and takes.


The new items in her fabric scrapbooking line are adorable! 


These are iron-ons (below) and I saw some of them after ironing.  They're fabulous and still slightly dimensional.  Very cool indeed!


And there's a new smaller album (which I didn't manage to photograph -- I was too busy gabbing).  I wasn't sure if these fabric embellishments were part of her collection or not, but they are wicked cool!


I always love Prima's trim too!


The new stitched papers have an extra special surprise...can you see it?


Yeah, there's some extra trim at the bottom!  So cute!  I liked the sheer ruffle (above) best!  Prima also had some old favorites around (love those vines - below):


The new paper lines are fabulous:



The booth was packed with layouts.  I think I was told that there were more than 50 projects in the booth!  Wow!


I think that this layout is totally genius!  Look at how those flower pistils were used as raindrops!  So clever!


And how cute is this sock monkey?  Absolutely adorable!


It was really fun to see all my projects in the booth.  I love all the layouts and projects, but I'm most proud of the two paintings.  I forgot to take photos of them at the booth.  But, these are the photos I took of them at home before I shipped them off.



They're collaged.  Can you see the paper and paint all mixed together in the hair and clothing and background?  I really love how they turned out!  I'll try to grab a photo of them in situ, before the show ends!  And next week, I'll share some images of all the pages I made for the booth and the catalog!

After Prima, we had about an hour left.  We decided to try to hit Pink Paislee...


...but it was slammed with people.  So, we rushed down the aisle, passing the very empty Queen & Co. booth along the way...


...and finally landed at Beacon Adhesives.  I'm a huge fan of Beacon's Fabri-Tac.  I use it all the time.  I even have a small bottle of it in my box of art that I brought with me.  I highly recommend it for attaching ribbon and felt and all those fabric-ish things.  But, I saw this...


...demo'd, and I am convinced.  I wish I had taken video.  Basically, if you get it on your paper or photo, you can just rub it away with your finger and it disappears completely!  Wow!  It's amazing.  I just looked on YouTube and I found this video demo-ing ZipDry.  It's kind of talky up front and the quality isn't great, but you get the idea from watching it.  I love the idea of a wet adhesive that is mistake-proof.  Totally genius!

They had another cool product (pictured below, right) called Fashion Flip, which allows you to temporarily adhere an applique or patch to your clothing.  And then easily remove and reposition it over and over again!

On the left (above) is a photo of the super cool make&take that they were doing.  I definitely wanted to, but alas, no rest for the weary.

We bought our cases of adhesive and headed back towards Pink Paislee.

But, we could not resist stopping at Hambly!



There's a tutorial for the flowers (pictured above) on this site






Not only are Hambly's products gorgeous, but their design team is just the best.  Seriously gorgeous creations.  Anyway, we breezed through with promises to come back tomorrow and do the ordering.

Pink Paislee was calling our names.  Let's talk about alphas first.  Now, I am not usually a glitter girl, but I love that these are variably sized!


It makes it possible for you to stagger the letters to great effect -- as seen on the card below.


These tiny alphas were divine as well!




I totally loved the fabric tags.  They had fabric "patches" that coordinated with all four of their lines.



Here's are two projects using them:



I loved these bottle snowmen.


I remembered seeing them in Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine, so it was fun to see someone else's version up close and personal and fabulous!


Okay, I know that this is a bit of a detour, but most of the clothing at CHA is hideous.  I could go on and on about why people refuse to buy clothing that fits properly.  But, I glimpsed this dress on the other side of the Pink Paislee booth and swooned.  Isn't it divine?


Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming:



The endless forms.  Ah, yes.  The endless, endless, endless forms. 


I know that CHA looks like fun.  And in many ways it is very fun.  But, it is also work and there is a lot of tedious waiting and stuff in between the fun.  And speaking of fun, check out that pink hair!  I love it!


Pink Paislee gave away two hundred free pink hair clip ins.  I was so sad that we arrived at their booth too late to get one.  They were super duper cute!

If you can believe it (we did *a lot* in that last hour of the show), we had ten minutes left and ran to the Advantus booth.  They were having a deal where you got free shipping if you ordered the first day, so we wanted to get that order in!  Advantus covers several brands like Heidi Swapp, Tim Holtz's Idea-ology line, and Cropper Hopper among others.  We shopped from the Idea-ology line.

I apologize for these photos ahead of time, but this was one of the absolute darkest booths around!  It was dark, dark, dark.  And they turned the lights out at 5pm when the show "closed" for the day.  So, the last few photos were really taken in the dark.

Grungepaper flowers (amazing!):



You can see that each project has an "idea" attached to it.  They're great suggestions on how to use the elements from the Idea-ology line.  Below, you can see (sort of) the tiny filmstrip that's part of the new release!






The booth was beautiful with tons of vintage staging.  I loved this typewriter (big surprise)!


Oddly enough, I didn't take many photos of the product.  Mostly projects.  But, this is one of the few that I did.  I'm gearing up to teach a "scrappy jewelry" class and these tags seemed kind of perfect for it.


And, in fact, the make and take that they're doing in the booth is making necklaces.  I didn't get a chance to do it, but I peeked at them and they were cute.

And that was it!  We walked out of the convention hall and across the street to our hotel.  We did go to a party for Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine at the hotel.  But, otherwise, it was a night spent in the room.  We ate pizza and soda.  I blogged.  Kim tried to make a witch's hat, like the one from the Pink Paislee booth.  We finally rolled into bed around 2am.

Let me know what you think of everything you're seeing!

I'll post about today's adventure ASAP.  I have to edit the photos!  See you soon!