CHA-Summer 2009: Tuesday (continued)
CHA-Summer 2009: Wednesday (continued)

CHA-Summer 2009: Wednesday

I started this post yesterday and just didn't make it to the end by the time I had to go to bed.  I also didn't make it to the end today.  But, it's huge, so I thought I'd post what I have so far.  Enjoy!

I am exhausted.  Should have gone to bed earlier last night.

Because the show is so small this time, Kim and I slept in a little bit this morning.  She headed for the show floor around 10:20am.  (The show opens at 9am every day.)  I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower and ran to catch up with her.  Of course, I was in such a rush that I forgot my watch and my camera!  Eeek!  So, these first few photos are all camera phone photos.

When I first arrived at the show this morning, I couldn't find Kim.  Reception is terrible in the convention center and she wasn't answering her phone.  I was wandering around looking for her when the totally adorable and infinitely talented Gigi Kennedy stopped me.  We had previously met about two or three years ago at a crop in Pennsylvania.  She is one of the nicest people in the whole world and so talented with a really unique eye.  Love her.  She was with Dina Wakley, who is amazing.  Dina guested for Label Tulip a few months ago (and Gigi a few months before that!) and I fell in love with her style.  The funny thing is, people always tell me that I remind them of her - scrapbook style wise.  She is a painty, spray ink queen.  I was a total drooling imbecile when I met her.  I'm a big fan!  And the super talented Celeste Smith, who is on like every design team, was there too!  Celeste's work is beautiful, simple, clean and just lovely!  All three girls are on the Kenner Road design team.  I should have taken a photo with the talented threesome, but I was too embarrassed to ask for one.  I felt like such a nerdy fan.

Regardless, it was a nice way to start the day.

When I finally found Kim, she was shopping the bargain basement end of 7gypsies (which also includes close out stuff from Chatterbox and Around the Block). Chatterbox did not have a new release and this is the second show that Around The Block has not.



While we were around the back of the booth bargain shopping, I snapped another quick photo of a group of men having an impromptu meeting.


This is the new release from 7gypsies:



This house album looks a lot like their old house album.  However, it is paper thin, rather than chipboard thick.  So, it folds up into a little thin book.


Drool.  Drool.  Drool.  Patterned masking tape.  I want it all!


Love these stands with the little clips.  They're not new, just new to me.  I'm definitely going to get one!


I'm lusting after the painter trays you see below.  They're simple black trays that you can fill with whatever you want.  I love them!


And I thought that the clipboards with the cages to hold the mini albums was a really clever idea.  I'd like to display some mini albums on my walls this way.  Pretty and functional!

After 7gypsies, I ran off to lunch. I had a meeting scheduled with Kathie Stull, who is the producer of Scrapbook Memories TV.  Tomorrow, I am doing my *first* hosting segments for the show!  I'm the host of the new Artist to Artist segments.  I'll be starting my day by interviewing Claudine Hellmuth and I'm really looking forward to it!

After lunch, I caught up with Kim, who was back at Hambly.  (I also went back to the room and got my camera.)


I think the wall decals they have are super cool.


Allison Kreft Abad, the owner and designer of Hambly, is such a nice woman.  Every time I've visited her booth, she has been so incredibly gracious and kind.  It's so nice when good things (like your company being amazingly popular and successful) happen to good people.

We breezed past the My Mind's Eye's booth.



We stopped by the Jenni Bowlin booth and Kim showed me what she bought when I was sleeping in.




I loved this chalkboard with layouts.  Such a cute idea!


The Webster's Pages booth was on our way...

Webster'sPages the Little Yellow Bicycle booth.


It's a mighty impressive booth.  HUGE.  And I love the little tin houses they use as displays.








Here's a photo of Kim checking out.



While she finished checking out, I headed across the aisle to the Technique Tuesday booth.  The booth was definitely half the size that it had been at the Anaheim show just 6 months ago.  And that was certainly a theme all over.  Many companies didn't come at all.  And for those that did, most of the booths were considerably smaller than usual.  In any case, here are some of the brand new Ali Edwards stamps:


These circles aren't new.  But, I love them.  They're white chipboard rings that fit in each other.  So each pack has a huge variety of sizes.  And they're not all perfect circles.  They're a bit wonky.  Such a brilliant way to make a cool layout easy!


In a similar vein, is this wave chipboard.  It's part of a class pack that Technique Tuesday sells.  The class kit comes complete with instructions and everything students need to make the project.


My favorite stamp from the booth was this make-your-own damask set.  But, I love anything that you can get creative with and being able to build a damask pattern any way you want is such a cool idea!  You can see how it was used on the background of the page on the left (below).


I feel like I've seen this flag layout before...maybe at the last CHA?  But, I can't remember.  Regardless, it's way cool!



Okay, I generally think that monogram stamps are stupid.  Sorry, but I do.  But these sets made me take notice.  Can you see how there is an empty spot to the right of each of the large letters?  It's so that you can insert the various ends of words!


It's probably easier to understand by looking at this example:


You stamp the "F" and then the "riends" and "orever" go in the empty space.  Each set comes with an extra curly-que or two, so you can extend the fanciful cloud.  The sets also have regularly sized first letters, so they're very versatile.  Really unique idea, right?  Totally makes monograms useful.  Though, all my campaigning couldn't convince Kim to carry them.  Alas.  And (below) I just thought this layout was super fun and cool.  Love the stamped buttons!


Even though Kim had already shopped October Afternoon without me, we went by the booth because (a) I wanted to see it; and (b) we argued over alphabet stamps at Technique Tuesday and she wanted to show me these:


Lots of great looking alphabet stamps!  In fact, lots and lots of great looking stamps!




I love that travel set (above, left), which coordinates with the amazing travel/vacation collection pictured below.  I had the chance to work with it in the most recent Label Tulip kit, which I know sold out immediately!


And the cool vintage-y vibe continued in this delicious line of back-to-school papers:



I can't remember if I mentioned it, but a lot of the booths were doing the smaller 6x6 or 8x8 layouts and I loved how they showed off the embellishments.


This paper was so kitschy cute...


...and totally reminds me of this paper...


...from Basic Grey's "Offbeat" Collection released a few years ago.  I love both of them!  But, alas, I did not photograph my very favorite thing from the October Afternoon booth!  Instead, I had to steal the photo from their online product gallery:


Note the center card.  Yep, that's an NYC subway map.  And if you get out a magnifying glass, you can see my street.  Yay!  I can't wait to get a pack of these cards for myself!

After adding a few things to our order at October Afternoon, we returned to the Advantus booth to add some more things to our order there.  And, as a side note, one of the nice things about a multi-day show is that you can change your mind and add things to (or subtract things from) your order.  This time, we peeked at the Heidi Swapp stuff (no new releases) and the All My Memories totes.  I didn't take a lot of photos, since there wasn't much that was new.  All My Memories had a new version of their famous tote.  It's a slightly different shape and I think it's going to be super cool.  And I am always a sucker for masks:


I was super sad that I couldn't talk Kim into the circle strip mask (above, last large one on the right).  LOVE that one.  And so totally useful!  But, alas, it was not to be.

But, things definitely perked up when we ran through the Sassafras Lass booth!  (Note the single "s" there at the end of Sassafras.  I always thought there were two!  Ooops!)


This was another one that Kim had ordered while I was elsewhere and so I was simply sightseeing.  I must say: this was the first booth with enough lighting.  It was so bright and lovely.  Really spectacularly colorful.  Totally made me happy!


The layout below really stopped me dead in my tracks. Most Sassafras layouts are bright and busy.  This one is so simple.  I really love it.









Any chance that these letters look familiar to you?


Don't quote me on this, but I think they're the same size and font as the Basic Grey Beckham chipboard.


I really couldn't find a good photo of the Beckham chipboard in its packaging, so you'll have to accept the photo (above) I pulled off of the Basic Grey website.

Finally, how gorgeous are these stamps?  I love the doodly arrows.  Though, the stitches are totally awesome too...!


Love, lust, and loss all in one booth when we tried to shop at Kaiser Craft.  They have the most amazing stuff for you to alter.  That's not hyperbole.  It's truth.  Just so clever and cool and absolutely awesome.  Like this family tree...


...which comes in a package like this:




I don't think that this photo does this advent calendar justice.  Basically, it's a shadow box surrounded by twenty-four little drawers.  Look at those little drawers!!!!!



I can imagine that you could do so many things with it other than Christmas!  I really, really, really, really want it.  But, alas, they charge outrageous shipping to NYC.  So, Kim said that she'd try to get it through Notions, but I don't know if that will happen...sigh.  While I'm throwing a pity party, let me make the misery deeper by showing some other cute things from the Kaiser booth:



We wandered around the Fancy Pants booth and saw a ton of really inspirational projects.






And here are a very few product shots:



But, we were kind of (*gasp*) tired of shopping and didn't stay for long. 

It's 2am here.  I'll finish up day 2 tomorrow.  And get started on day 3 (hopefully)!

Thanks for stopping by!