Six Scrapbook Pages in Under Twenty-Four Hours
Friday Already?

Playing Catch Up

Time is moving far too quickly to be believed.  Thursday already?  August already?  2010 is coming fast!  And I always seem to be ten items behind on my "to do" list.  Well, at least I'm never sitting around bored, wondering what to do!  Here are FIVE things I've been meaning to share:

1. I read this:


What thoughts about yourself as a creative person are holding you back right now? Are you dealing with those "I am not good enough/I am not creative enough" fear-filled voices in your own mind? How do you answer that? Who do you create for? Why do you love the process of creativity and what do you love most about it?

Now is the time to let those fears go and shed those layers that are holding you back from embracing your own creative energy. It is time to celebrate your own unique self rather than continuing to feel the pressures of being something or someone you are not.

on Ali Edwards' blog.  And it really resonated with me. The last sentence in particular.  I feel like I'm often skating the line between what I want to do and what I think other people (i.e. manufacturers, magazine editors, etc.) want me to do.  Which is so silly. 

I've had the most luck when doing my own thing. 

I've had the most happiness when doing my own thing.  

Whenever I've lost my "mojo," I've re-discovered it by letting go of my pre-conceived notions of a project.  I've re-discovered it by letting go and not caring if the project "gets wrecked."  It's a good reminder for me: for my creativity to soar, I need to do my own thing without fear!

This is an old layout, but I don't think I've ever shared it, and it seems appropriate:


2. I received this award recently:


from fellow Right at Home Scrapbooking design team member, Lynn Kopas

The rules are easy....
1) by accepting this award you recognize that the giver "likes your style."
2) you agree to proudly display this award on your blog and post a link back to the giver.
3) you will share this award with those whose styles you like...because there are so many wonderful blogs out there!

Here are five blogs I like to read:

  1. Folding Trees: paper projects and tutorials galore
  2. Pam Garrison: amazing crafty artist
  3. Paper Crave: all about paper, less on the crafty side
  4. Something Sublime: fabulous jewelry
  5. A Beautiful Mess: artsy, craftsy, hipster style with a dose of cute
I'm always looking for new inspiration, so leave me a link if there's someone's style that you like! 

3. I was also lucky enough to receive this award just this morning:


This is the note that came with it:

Congratulations, Scrapbook News and Review, the leading paper crafting magazine on the internet, has noticed and is impressed by your blog. We appreciate the time, effort and creativity that you share with the crafting world and to show our approval, we’ve included this unique blog award for you to proudly display. 

This award is possible only if you’ve been nominated by our staff or readers and have been approved by our editors. We encourage you to display it proudly and link it back to Scrapbook News and Review Magazine. We thank you for all you’ve given to the blogging world and encourage you to keep doing so. We’ll keep watching and enjoying.

So totally random and totally nice!  Love it when my e-mail brings such nice surprises!

4. Label Tulip sneak...

Got my Label Tulip kit for August and sat down to make some projects.  The deadline is coming fast (reveal is on August 15), so I'm racing the clock!  I managed to get one layout done today, so here's the sneaky peeky for you:


5. Finally, it's totally non-craft related, but I have to brag because I'm just so darn excited: My theatre company (The Milk Can Theatre Company) just received a grant from The Princess Grace Foundation!!!!  If you click on "winners," you'll see a photo I took of Ann Bartek, the set designer we'll be working with all season.  This is such a big deal and I am thrilled beyond thrilled to be able to finally share the good news!  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Do you remember this layout I did?


It's from the photo shoot for our Princess Grace application!

Have a wonderful day!