Wednesday and I'm Procrastinating
Weekend Update

Project Fifty-Two: Missing Weeks

Just because I've been lax about pointing out my Project Fifty-Two projects, I don't want you to think that I've forgotten about it!  Some of these you've seen.  Some of them will be new to you.  But, here are the last few weeks of my life explained through art...

Week 28: July 9-15, 2009

This is a recent fave.  It was an experiment in style that really, really worked!


Week 29: July 16-22, 2009

I really like doing "Today" layouts.  In fact, I've done a ton of them over the years.  I think it might be fun to spend a month doing a layout every single day with the title "today."  Then again, I suppose that's the idea behind the "daily" albums, isn't it?


My Mom took that photo of me with her iphone.  We were sitting in the hotel room chatting and she said, "Look at me."  I looked up and she snapped it.

Week 30: July 23-29, 2009

Working out my feelings in paper and paint.  Gotta' love art therapy.


Week 31: July 30-August 5, 2009


I was in Florida when I snapped a photo of this cute little guy hanging out on the window.

Week 32: August 6-12, 2009

A weekend well spent....


Week 33: August 13-19, 2009

I'm moving and thus thinking about my new apartment.  And totally in love with my new apartment.  So, I made this quick little art quilt (8.5x11) to memorialize the moment.


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