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Label Tulip: September 2009

This is new owner, Jennifer Chau's, first kit for Label Tulip.  And do you know?  That place is growing by leaps and bounds!  Tons of new subscribers.  It's really exciting!  Here's what I made:

This month's challenge was to write a letter to your eighteen-year-old self and use a photo of you at eighteen.  It was the Fall of 1995 and I was a Sophomore in college...


I've been in a kind of collage-y state of mind.  Probably because I'm in a use up my scraps kind of mental space.  I used a collection of scraps, rub-ons, ink, and journaling cards to create the collage background for this layout.  To keep it from looking too messy, I tried to keep everything in a strict color scheme.  The ink and the rub-ons really help to blend all the miscellaneous papers.  I stitched around the perimeter of the layout to create a frame for the layout, which I think helps unify things.  To keep the layout from feeling too Christmas-y (red and green color scheme, after all), I used a bright blue background.  I tried a color photo, but it was too busy (because the layout is very busy).  A black and white photograph helps to focus the eye and creates some clarity.

Circles will always be my number one obsession, but paper ruffles (see the detail photo below) are quickly becoming number 2.  They're such an easy way to add texture to your page without a lot of bulk.


The glittery red chipboard letters were painted with Crackle Paint (see the detail below).  Once the paint dried, I painted them with clear nail polish to seal everything. The nail polish diminishes the cracks slightly as well.


And that cool crocheted butterfly is this month's "Etsy Extra."  Isn't that fun?

This next layout is a real change for me.  Just super simple:


I wanted to make sure that the focus was on the photos, and since they’re very busy, I wanted to give them room to breathe.  So, I left a lot of white space and kept the rest of the layout super clean.  The circles are meant to feel like they’re drifting across the layout.  It’s my own little metaphorical version of time passing - almost like clouds drifting across the sky.


Even though I own a thousand circle punches, I had to hand cut the circles and make them a bit wonky.  I just like the look so much!

And now (gasp) it's a two-page layout!  Seriously, what is wrong with me?  You know, I just loved these photos so much and I couldn't bear to cut them down.  So, two-pages it is!


I didn’t want the layout to be perfectly symmetrical.  I wanted there to be movement and a sense of kooky fun.  So, I made the curve of the banner irregular.  I placed more circles on the right side than the left.  The title is off center.  The layers of ruffles are off center and the blue ruffle pushes them even more “off.”  Finally, the background is made up of uneven strips.

To create the paper ruffles, I punched leftover scraps of paper and then folded them back and forth and stitched them into place.


I used foam adhesive to separate the layers of hand cut circles (see the detail below).


So, I managed to get in both circles and ruffles!  Both obsessions together forever!

This layout I *love* and adore!  I whipped out my favorite vinyl stickers and went to town...


Part of the blue cardstock was crumpled, so I cut it off and replaced it with the yellow cardstock on the left.  I decided to use masking tape to put the two pieces together.  But, I didn’t like the bright white of the cardstock, so I used a bit of brown ink to knock the white color back.  The background is a mixture of spray ink, watercolor, and gesso that I applied through a stencil.

Before the Prima design team, I don't think I would have had the courage to do this next bit.  But one of the many things I've learned over the past few months is that pretty flowers aren't sacred.  The Prima flower was too large for what I wanted to do, so I pulled it apart and built my own new half flower.  To keep it all together (and adhere the center parts) I used glitter glue.

Here are a few detail photos (love that Fiskars punch that made that border, btw):


I buy my vinyl stickers from Staples.  And they just look *so* great:


So, that's it.  Another great kit!

Thanks for stopping by!