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Never Be Afraid To Ruin It

I have this motto that has stood me well:

Never Be Afraid To Ruin It.

I think it's a good motto.  I think it's a true motto.

Sometimes I have a tendency to stop when something is "good enough" or "fine."  This motto reminds me to take the risk; to dare to do it.

What is the "it" in that sentence?

Cut a hole in my quilt. 


Glop paint all over it. 


Stamp directly onto my cardstock with abandon!


Cover up a perfectly good piece of art with a new idea:


It' also a good reminder to use my supplies.  And stop worrying about ruining them!

I remember buying Basic Grey paper and hoarding it.  It was simply far too pretty to cut up.  I mean, look at that:


And yet, I kept *hating* all the layouts I did with it.  It took me a while, but using my motto, I started cutting it up.  And now I am a happy girl!  I've used the same motto to conquer my fear of Sassafras Lass and other densely patterned papers, like the one below:


Or how about spraying that gorgeous flower above all sorts of colors and potentially "ruining" it?  Or pulling this flower apart...


...and only using half of it.

And I've been feeling very proud of myself for doing it.  Sometimes the results are great and sometimes the results are...well, less than great.  But I've always figured that I'd rather have 2 art projects that are jaw droppingly amazing and 8 that kind of stink, than 10 that are "fine."

Of course, the reason I'm writing this post is to make myself feel better about ruining the most gorgeous piece of Hambly paper. 


I had been keeping it for something special.  And now, alas, it's disfigured and permanently ruined.


But, I suppose that means something lovely is coming down the pipeline, right?  You have to fail gloriously over and over in order to find that one little moment of genius.

Thanks for stopping by!