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I peeked through my scrapbook database (and yes, I'm an über nerd, I have a filemaker database for keeping track of my work) and found a lot (about 188) layouts and projects from the last year or three that have never been seen on my blog. So, I thought I'd share a few of my faves: This is a digital layout. Because I took a ton of rapid fire shots, each of the photos is only slightly different. So, I used photo actions to give them greater variety. I used a low-opacity layer of white between the content and the... Read more →

It's Monday. And Fall has arrived in The Big Apple. I love Fall, so that makes me giggly and happy! This is going to be a bit of a monster post, so I hope you make it to the other end! 1. Label Tulip Sneak Peeks This is new owner, Jennifer Chau's, first kit. It feels very fall-ish and kind of homey. The big reveal is on Tuesday (September 15) at 9pm EST. Here are some peeks at what I've done with the kit so far... PS: Don't forget about the design team search! The deadline is September 18! 2.... Read more →

Today is my TEN-YEAR Anniversary with New York City. I moved to "The City that Never Sleeps" on September 12, 1999. It's hard to believe that it has been a decade. Wow. Over the years, I've done a number of pages celebrating my relationship with NYC: I know that there are plenty of lovely places to live in the world. And I'm sure that I could be very happy elsewhere. But New York has my heart. Happy Anniversary. Read more →

I'm loving these quick, messy, totally un-fancy pages! I'm using up my scraps and leftovers. But, I'm also getting the chance to work with supplies I've been hoarding forever. I rarely scrap for myself anymore (sadly), so it has been great fun to have the chance to work with whatever supplies I want! And I've fooled around with a few techniques and gotten some great ideas! So, here is the (very long) show and tell of what the album looks like so far. I've tried to include plenty of "before&afters," along with some information about how I put together each... Read more →

Want to Be a Tulip Girl?

As you probably know, Label Tulip has a new owner/kit designer: Jennifer Chau. This month, September, will be Jennifer's first kit. And next month, will see a crop of brand new Tulip Girls. If you'd like to be a Tulip Girl, send in an application! Here are the details:Label Tulip is a monthly kit club and we are looking for a few Tulip Girls "TG" to go on this journey with us. We are looking for designers that can create pages using traditionally not-matching kits, and that can think outside the box! We will be taking submissions from now until... Read more →

On November 23, 2006 at 1:03 am, I received a confirmation e-mail from Bonnie Boyle. She had received my order for a Genesis Trimmer. The e-mail indicated that the company was behind on filling orders. Currently filling orders from April 2005, and so there would be a wait. I knew about the wait. I had been reading about Genesis Trimmers online for a while. Everyone said, get one. Get on the wait list. Ridiculous. Who would get on a wait list for a paper trimmer? People said it was the most accurate trimmer ever. It had an edgelight, blah, blah,... Read more →

What a lovely, lovely day! The day began here: And now, I will go into excruciating detail. Because I had so much fun and I can't help myself! But, I'll do it in bullet points, so it's minorly more readable. My appointment was at 10am. When I arrived around 9:50am, the guard told me that the museum didn't open until 10:30am. So, I was sent to wait for Thilo Hoffman (the artist/filmmaker). It was the first time I'd ever sat in the MoMA lobby and had it be empty! When Thilo arrived, he was a tall, well-spoken guy. He told... Read more →

As you'll recall, I made a "September Daily Album" with my August Label Tulip kit. Basically, I put together the bones for an album. I'm planning to add to it every single day during the month of September. I did the "intro page" first. This is what the blank page looked like: And here's the finished product: I used vinyl stickers to create the text at the top that says "September 2009." I painted over the stickers with yellow acrylic paint. The photo is 4x6. I put it straight into the typewriter to add the text. (Looks like I could... Read more →

Oh, yeah. Anam has come up with another amazing sketch for Prima. Here it is: Here's my take on it: My inclination was to use plain white cardstock as the background, but I decided to try the polka dots. I think it's a little busy, but overall, I like the effect. Mounting all of the photos on squares is an easy way to mix vertical and horizontal photos and keep everything in balance. I painted the text onto each of the photos and then outlined it with a white pen. It took forever. But, I think it looks great! It... Read more →