Prima's Build-A-Page for September
30 Seconds at MoMA

September Daily: Day One

As you'll recall, I made a "September Daily Album" with my August Label Tulip kit.  Basically, I put together the bones for an album.  I'm planning to add to it every single day during the month of September.

I did the "intro page" first.  This is what the blank page looked like:


And here's the finished product:


  • I used vinyl stickers to create the text at the top that says "September 2009."
  • I painted over the stickers with yellow acrylic paint.
  • The photo is 4x6.  I put it straight into the typewriter to add the text.  (Looks like I could use a new ribbon, by the way.)
  • I used the same yellow acrylic paint to paint around the edge of the photo and in the doorway of the photo.
  • I used a black pen and a white pen to create the "doodle dots" over my head.
  • I never really liked the cutesy "wonder," so it wasn't a hard decision to cover it up!

Then, I did the first "page."  I put the word "page" in quotes because I went a bit overboard.  Probably because I haven't crafted in so long (with the move and all).  Here's the blank page from the front:


And the back:


And here's the finished product:


  • I took a postcard from the restaurant we went to for lunch and used it to create a little additional page.
  • You can see that I added a tag ("good food") from Ormolu and a photo of dessert!


  • The back of the postcard has the receipt, and a rundown of what we ate.
  • I covered the back of the round tag and the photo with patterned paper so they'd be pretty from behind as well.


  • This page got several photos and I wrote some brief journaling on the smaller photos.
  • I used a Sakura Pigma Micron (.05) to do my journaling.  Remember to hold it at a 90º angle and you'll be able to write on photos without any issues.


  • The back of the page got the receipt from dinner. 
  • I painted some quick journaling and a few hearts.  I used regular black acrylic paint and a small paintbrush.
  • And, of course, I've redacted credit card information and such just for the blog.  After all, this is the internet!
I am really enjoying the fact that none of this has to be "great."  It's just about recording the days in simple ways.  No bells and whistles, just memory keeping.  Love it!

Finally, I'm heading to MoMA in the morning.  Taping my "30 Seconds" film.  I've got a plan and I'm ready to rock!  Now I just have to decide what to wear...!

Thanks for stopping by!