Prima's November Build-a-Page
The Act of Creating Something From Nothing

5 Things That Are On My Mind...

I've got a list for you today.  Just 5 things rattling around my brain...

1. Prima has an awesome giveaway.

Leave a comment on their blog for a chance to win!   Open to all countries. Drawing will close on Friday, November 6th, at 4 pm EST.

2. I recently went to the Museum of Arts and Design to see "Slashed: Paper Under the Knife."  I really liked the exhibit.  As you might imagine, given the name of the exhibit, it was works of art made from cut paper. This was one of my faves:

It's a tunnel book by Andrea Dezsö, who is the artist behind one of my all time favorite art pieces from an earlier MAD (Museum of Arts and Design) exhibit.  The exhibit was called "Pricked" and it was all interesting fiber art.  In any case, take a spin through her website.  I think her work is so creepy and dark and creative and just fascinating!

The other thing from the exhibit that really struck me hard was from one of the artist's statements.   Unfortunately, I can't remember who it was, but he had done these gorgeous cut paper art works.  They were quirky love stories.  He said something along the lines of, "I could pour my heart and soul into a painting and have people just walk past without giving it a second look, but when I discovered cut paper, suddenly people wanted to stand and stare and examine every part of it."  There's something about paper, you know?

3. I love time elapse videos of artists doing their thing.  Love, love, love them!  Here's one of Kelly Rae Roberts creating a mixed media portrait:

Totally inspiring, right?

4. I am officially obsessed with Alisa Burke.  Her use of paint and stitch and color just fills me with joy.  Below is a picture of her fall placemats.  I'm going to have to give that one a try!

She has a beautiful etsy shop.  I particularly like her handcarved stamps and messy monsters.  Great stuff!

5. I put together a quick collage of the mirror photos I took in October.  I took fewer than usual, only managing to snap them on 12 of the 31 days, but still a fun exercise!

It's amazing how many memories come flooding back just by looking at a photo of what I was wearing or carrying or where I was taking the photo.  I'm thinking of doing a timeline for the whole year...hmmmm...something to find some time for....

Thanks for stopping by!