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Gesso and watercolor mixed together is my new favorite way to work. Perhaps that's because the combination is all I have to work with while I'm here visiting my Mom. But, I'm having a good time playing with them nonetheless! Some faces in my art journal: I'm experimenting. Feel like I'm getting better at these. Still a ways to go, but I'm feeling forward progress! And some birthday cards: (Happy Birthday, Mom!) And finally, here's a little Maya Road box I painted: Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

So many amazing artists all around the web! Here are a few things that have inspired me lately: Birdcages from Caryn Lynn Duncan: Love this drawing lesson from Teesha Moore: I'm loving Donna Downey's stitched ornaments: Totally adore this piece of text art on Apartment Therapy: I'm blown away by Rachel's canvas from the Creative Therapy blog: An amazing bouquet of paper flowers in a photo by Mandi: I love Kimmie Sketches! Search her blog for all of them! I'm loving this to-do list from Elsie. And I think it's time to make my own! This piece from the Sassafras... Read more →

I spent Friday and Saturday cropping with the girls from Rubba' Stampa' and Scrapbooka's Attic. I had a lot of fun. It's a great group - lots of fun stories and silly sarcastic personalities (my favorite). Here are some photos: Christina (above) is the woman in charge! It's her crop. I spent most of the crop with that heat gun in my hand! Thank goodness it's quiet! My Mom made me the best little book. It's filled with life advice. I love it! I was so pleased and tickled to get to crop with Sue (above), who is a frequent... Read more →

I've been making jewelry. You've probably seen this necklace before: It was in Quilting Arts Gifts (in a better photo than this one). I'll be teaching a one-day workshop on how to make it at The City Quilter on February 7, 2010. And I sat down and made a few new pieces as well... I've been loving Dupioni silk lately. The necklace above converts into a bracelet. And here's a ring: I stitched some freshwater pearls into the center. And then I started playing with UTEE: I'm in love with this ring (views from the top and the side): The... Read more →

Randomly: I updated my Project Fifty-Two album. I'm up to date and ready for the last six (eek!) weeks of 2009. Can you believe this year is almost over? I'm headed to a crop this weekend in Haverhill, MA. Yay! Looking forward to it! I am scrapping some pages just for myself and really looking forward to it. Been a long time since I've done that! I'm the "Featured Teacher" at The City Quilter. You can see my bio and some images of my quilts if you click here. Finally, I wanted to share some photos of student work from... Read more →

I was delighted to receive this award from one of my favorite scrap artists, Louise. I think I've raved about her beautiful pages before, but let me do it again. She is a wonderful scrapper and I so admire the freedom in her pages. She is totally unique, and that is a rare quality, indeed! So, upon receiving this award, you are to follow these rules: Answer these Questions: only 1 word answers. Pass it along to 5 of your Fave Bloggers. Alert them that you have awarded them this prize. Have fun! Of course, you know I can't ever... Read more →

I've been doing some doodle drawings for my theatre company: Just little logos for the shows. I find it easier to draw in Photoshop (probably because erasing is so much easier) than on a regular piece of paper. I use a Wacom Tablet and create in layers. For example, in the logo above ("The Therapy Plays"), the chair, the shrink, the patient, the couch, and the title are each their own distinct layers that can be manipulated separately: (You can see where I had to erase part of the shrink in order to make him look like he was sitting... Read more →

This is my last month with Label Tulip. Label Tulip has been an important part of my daily life for more than a year. I am very sorry to be leaving and wish the club, the members, and all the Tulip Girlies the very best going forward. On a personal note, this will be the first time in more than five years that I won't be part of a kit club. It's a big mental change for me. A brief time line: In the beginning, I subscribed to Club Scrap. A year or so later I added a subscription to... Read more →

Time for another edition of tutorials from the web! Here are a few of the fantastic tutorials I've run into from amazing crafters all around the internet: Flower tutorial instructions can be found here. Canvas wreath. Um...amazing!!! Find the tutorial here. Make your own silk roses. Click here for the tutorial. Great and easy to follow tutorial for the cool painted and sewn left side can be found here. Okay, *technically* this one isn't a tutorial. But, Judy Wise does show you step-by-step photos of how she created this lovely painting. Love this beautiful layout. Learn how to make the... Read more →

I've decided to start a new occasional series on my blog called "In Depth." Basically, every so often, I'll take an art project I've made and pick it apart a little bit more. Not a tutorial, really, but a chat about process; the thoughts behind each element. I'd love some feedback on whether or not you like this and the other kinds of things you'd like to know about! We're starting with this page: I made it from the October Label Tulip kit: For me, scrapbooking is usually about two things: telling a story and expressing myself artistically. This layout... Read more →