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Over the Top Award

Over_the_top+blog+award I was delighted to receive this award from one of my favorite scrap artists, Louise.  I think I've raved about her beautiful pages before, but let me do it again.  She is a wonderful scrapper and I so admire the freedom in her pages.  She is totally unique, and that is a rare quality, indeed!

So, upon receiving this award, you are to follow these rules:

  • Answer these Questions: only 1 word answers.
  • Pass it along to 5 of your Fave Bloggers.
  • Alert them that you have awarded them this prize.
  • Have fun!

Of course, you know I can't ever follow the rules quite exactly.  So, instead of answering the questions here on my blog in a list, I made a layout with all of the answers!

As for my five favorite bloggers...urgh!  That's a hard one.  There are so many that I love!  So, how about five blogs that have inspired me lately?

1. kanokwalee


I know nothing about knitting or crocheting, but she has some AMAZING wearable pieces that make me want to learn more or maybe just buy everything in her store!

2. Creative Therapy Challenge Site

Full confession: I subscribe to this challenge blog and I love seeing all the projects, but I've never played along before.  Or, I guess I should say, I haven't *yet* played along.  The idea is that each week a catalyst is posted and you are meant to respond with a piece of art.  I love the idea.  I love the catalysts.  I just haven't yet worked up the courage to tackle one.

3. Here's Lookin At Me Kid

6a00e5500ff56788330120a6a619d8970c-800wi Her style is just so fun.  I love her vintage obsession.  She's a very fun read (and a frequent blogger).

4. Scrapbook-Trends

I know I've mentioned Miss Nat many times before.  But, I just can't stay away from her colorful, painty layouts.

5. Dispatch From LA

I know I've mentioned this blog before.  I am obsessed with her stitched journals!  I want to take her online classes, but I keep waiting for a moment when I'm less busy to do it -- but that moment just never seems to come! 

Thanks for stopping by!