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Inspiration for the Weekend

Rediscovering the Joy and the Freedom

I spent Friday and Saturday cropping with the girls from Rubba' Stampa' and Scrapbooka's Attic.  I had a lot of fun.  It's a great group - lots of fun stories and silly sarcastic personalities (my favorite). Here are some photos:


Christina (above) is the woman in charge! It's her crop.

I spent most of the crop with that heat gun in my hand!  Thank goodness it's quiet!


My Mom made me the best little book.  It's filled with life advice.  I love it!

I was so pleased and tickled to get to crop with Sue (above), who is a frequent commenter on this blog.  I smile every day when I read her comments.  She was kind enough to bring me a little gift, which I am modeling in the photo below:
Canvas bead bracelets from Alisa Burke.  They are just too cool!  I'm thrilled and have been wearing my bracelets all around!

Sue and I did a page swap.  My Mom took a photo of the two of us.  I printed it out.  We each scrapped a page with the photo and then gave the pages to each other.  Here's the one that Sue made for me:

And the page I made for Sue:

I love doing page swaps!  So nice to have a page from someone else.  I really think that every crop should involve making some sort of handmade swap.

In any case, I was working pretty darn fast (for me) and managed to make quite a few things over the two days!  They're mostly paint and paper with a few embellishments.

All Bundled Up


I printed my photos at 2x3" (I always crop with my Epson PictureMate Photo Printer!), so to create the other rectangles, I used an exacto knife to cut a 2x3" rectangle from a piece of paper.  I used the leftover paper as a stencil and sprayed with Glimmer Mist.  I love the neat but messy results!

The hearts were cut from patterned paper.  I then used gesso and watercolor to decorate them further!

I painted the snowflake and then added some rhinestones for a touch of bling!

Go Sox!

This page is part of my "settling in" phase.  I came to the crop without an agenda.  No deadlines.  No product that I had to show off.  No parameters.  And it was a hard adjustment.  For at least a year, maybe a bit longer, I've had to make about 17 layouts or paper projects per month to satisfy all of my scrapbooking commitments.  I've scaled back and now I have the time to make pages just for me.  But because I haven't scrapped without some sort of product parameters in such a long time, it took me a while to settle down and find myself again.

Don't get my wrong, I like this layout, but I felt very trapped while I was creating it.  And simple as it looks, it took me a really long time to finish it.


The good news is that I loosened up after a while!

Learning to Pose

I know that title looks painted, but it's actually hand cut from black cardstock. 

I had fun painting all of the black scrolly swirls.  I only brought gesso, watercolor paints, and Glimmer Mist with me.  (I usually use about twelve art mediums!)  It was hard to get the effects I wanted with the limited supplies, but fun to try!

My Mama Made Me a Dreamer

I have had this blue cloud paper-fabric from the Love, Elsie line forever.  I pulled the adhesive paper off of the fabric and used the fabric to make little flowers.

The title was hand cut.  I find that I'm quick enough with the exacto knife these days that I can cut faster than a Cricut!

Every Single Time

I was glad to do the page swap, but sad to lose the page.  So, i re-used the idea of a blue circle.


The nice thing about the photo printer is that I was able to take these mirror photos and scrap them right away!  EverySingleTimeDetail-sm
I had fun doing a little pen work with my Uniball Signo - best white gel pen ever!

I also spent a little time working in my art journal and painted two faces:

I think you can see the improvement from the first face to the second.  They're both watercolor on top of a gesso base.  I'm looking forward to painting some more faces and learning more, getting better each time (hopefully). 

I probably won't post again until after Thanksgiving (it's on Thursday, for those of you outside the U.S.).  So, I want to wish everyone a lovely holiday!  Hope you get to spend time with your family!  I'm looking forward to spending time with mine!

Thanks for stopping by!