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I have completed my little project that I set for myself: Project Fifty-Two. Let's look back at all fifty-two projects: Lots of stuff I love! And yet, it wasn't quite the artistic whirlwind I had planned. When I started this year long endeavor, I wanted a project that would inspire me to try new things and create in a structured way without being too limited. I thought it would be fun to do it publicly to (a) keep myself motivated and honest and (b) connect with some other artsy fartsy types. Here's where it went wrong: It was too unstructured.... Read more →

I've started a new project. A daily art journal. I've been doing it for a few weeks now. And I wanted to share some of my favorite bits and pieces: My very favorite face so far. I still make the eyes too big, but I'm getting better (and faster)! I'm obsessed with this tulip shape. That's a stamp I carved and I love it! I can't stop stamping it on absolutely everything! I'm going to have to do this on a scrapbook layout. A painted frame with a photo stuck on top. I love the look! Butterflies seemed rather perfect... Read more →

At very long last, here is my post about the "Chinese Checkers" class with Lynne Perrella. "Creating offers us an opportunity." - Lynne Perrella Lynne was here in NYC, teaching classes through The Ink Pad. The Ink Pad is Manhattan's only stamp store. They are an adorable little store in the West Village that is packed to the rafters with stamps! You have never seen so many stamps stuffed into such a small space. It's a delight for the senses! I knew about Lynne from her reputation. When I first became interested in paper crafts, she was the first person... Read more →

I wrote this post on December 19. But when I finished it, I realized that I couldn't post it until after Christmas since my family reads this blog and I wanted the cards to be a surprise. So, I've set it to auto-publish on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate the holiday! Well, really, they're Christmakkuh cards. (Since we celebrate both Christmas and Hannukah.) But since I'm going to hand the cards to my family on the 25th, I think of them as Christmas cards. I made two sets. One set for me to give and... Read more →

We are on a jet plane flying across the country. I've set the blog to auto-publish while I'm away for the holidays! Just a few posts over the next few days so that things aren't totally dead around here! Our family celebrates both Christmas and Hannukah. Happy holidays to you, whatever you are celebrating! How about a festive project for the holidays? I made a ball of flowers (apparently called a kissing ball) for Prima, and I've displayed it two ways. First up, I simply took a piece of Prima lace and strung it through the gold loop of the... Read more →

I'm currently putting together the insides of my fabulous scrappy journal for Mary Ann Moss's class, Remains of the Day. This is just exactly the kind of thing I like to do! How about a few photos? Lots of secret pockets and bits that unfold. Below is one of my favorite unfolding elements: I have managed to use so many bits and pieces. Above, you can see some samples from my Technique-a-Palooza class. Below, you can see a transparency I printed (in error) for a page I made years ago. I finally managed to use it! Hooray! Above is part... Read more →

Time for another round of amazing tutorials from around the web! You've got time for some last minute gifting and pretty package wrapping, don't you? Learn how to make this canvas project step-by-step on the Cosmo Cricket blog. Find the tutorial on how to make these "tiny treasures" cards on The Designing Moms blog. Learn how to make a spoon pendant on the Crafster blog. I think these egg crate flowers are AMAZING! Tutorial is here. Coffee filter rose. Pretty cool, huh? Find the tutorial for these chic tote bags here. There is a tutorial for this painted tea set... Read more →

I love challenges. And when I saw this one on the Studio Calico blog, I knew I wanted to participate. Basically, it's "...a challenge revolving around fives. This could be ANYTHING, as long as there is a tie in and you can tell me or show me how you interpreted the number five." At the same time, I spied this challenge on the Sassafras blog. It's super easy, just to use the Amplify collection. So I mixed the two challenges together: Here's a close up of that green frame: Here are a few notes about how the layout came together:... Read more →

I've gotten a number of e-mails recently asking about the various products, tools, etc. that I use. I have some of it listed on my FAQs page, but I figured it was time to go over some of it in detail. I've tried to include the items that I most frequently get asked about. If there's something you're wondering about and don't see it listed here, leave a comment and I'll get back to you. I really am all over the map when it comes to paint, but these are my go-to choices: Gesso: Golden - I've tried other brands,... Read more →

I'm taking this fun online class and this week we had to make the cover to our fabulous book of scraps! I sat down last night and put mine together. Here's a peek at what it looks like before it's folded: Some details: I made beads from an old paint rag. Just rolled them up and stitched them down. It was slow going through the machine -- it's a lot of fabric! Sadly, this did not photograph as well as I would have liked. The white stuff is this unbelievably cool batting that's all nubby and textured. It was given... Read more →