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Tim Holtz and the 12 Tags of Christmas: Day 9

Day 8 of the Tag Saga

Here's the deal with me.  I don't throw things away, but I do purge my stash three or four times a year.  And I donate whatever I'm purging - either in the form of blog giveaways or to my local scrapping group or whatever.  I have never regretted giving anything away.

Until today.

Tag #8 from Tim Holtz is here:

And I used to have a key just like that.  It came in a Label Tulip kit.  I didn't use it.  Figured I wouldn't use it.  And I sent it out into the universe.




But enough whining.  Every problem has a solution, right?  After all, it's not like you need the key for the tag to work.  It's purely decorative.  Right?

As it turns out, the answer is, yes!  Inspiration struck and now I love this tag most of all.  I think it's my favorite so far.  Check it out:

Some details:

Almost all of the technique stuff was done exactly as Tim describes on his blog.  I colored and distressed the tag, colored and distressed the vellum (which is so freakin' cool looking, right?), and so on.  But for the main image (rather than the lightpole and key), I saw this page yesterday.  And it reminded me of one of my all time favorite tags from Tim Holtz:

It's from his February Technique Challenge.  (Find the instructions for his tag here.)  And so I decided to do my own heart with wings thing on this tag.

Here's what's amazing about grungeboard: If you tried to cut a piece of chipboard, or even a piece of paper as I have cut the wing above, you'd be left with a big mess.  It would tear apart really quickly.  Grungeboard is so super hardy.  These little slivers will not tear or fall off!  It makes hand cutting easy because you have to work really hard to ruin it.  It wants to stay together.

This photo illustrates some of the awesomely cool dimension on this tag.  The grungeboard elements (heart and wings) are popped up with foam adhesive.  I only adhered the vellum in the center.  So between the rolled edge and the crinkles, it really has a lot of volume.

Completely non-related, and just because I'm excited about it, I'm taking a weaving class this afternoon.  I've never done on loom weaving, and I'm looking forward to it so much!  (Like I need another hobby, right?)

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