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Finished the Cover!

I'm taking this fun online class and this week we had to make the cover to our fabulous book of scraps!  I sat down last night and put mine together.  Here's a peek at what it looks like before it's folded:

Some details:


I made beads from an old paint rag.  Just rolled them up and stitched them down.  It was slow going through the machine -- it's a lot of fabric!

Sadly, this did not photograph as well as I would have liked.  The white stuff is this unbelievably cool batting that's all nubby and textured.  It was given to me by a student in one of my quilting classes and it's so texturally amazing!

I have had that gold netting in my stash for a hundred thousand years.  I finally got brave enough to lop off a strip and stitch it down.  The glitter of the gold really gives the book a wonderful magical feel!

Leaves are one of my favorite motifs.  These ones were fun to applique and throw some messy free motion stitching over!
Another gift.  This is some left over selvedge that one of the other teachers at The City Quilter gave me.  I've been hoarding the little piece I have for a spectacular moment.  That moment is now. 

And here's a photo of the book when it's all closed up:

A close up of the closure:

The velvet ribbon (from an old Label Tulip kit) just tucks in behind the fabric beads. 

I can't wait to put the guts of this book together!  This was quick and easy and lots of fun!

Thanks for stopping by!