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Tim Holtz and the 12 Tags of Christmas: Day 6

Tim Holtz and the 12 Tags of Christmas: Day 5

Hard to make today's tag about anything other than Christmas.  We're making ornaments after all!  Here's Tim's tag:

And here's mine:

Tim is using tags bigger than the ones I'm using.  Usually it's fine.  I just translate down.  Today, it was a bit hard to fit everything.

Over the past five days, I've discovered that where Tim reaches for the ink, I tend to want to reach for the paint.  (I guess we all have our "go to" coloring medium, right?) And for the most part, I've avoided reaching for the paints and dutifully inked everything.  Well, today I couldn't resist painting in a little shadow around the reindeer's head.

One of the things that I love about being a crafter (and it disproves my husband's theory that I should throw things away) is that I just have stuff.  Stuff that I know I'll use at some point, but haven't yet and it's just around.  Witness the foil tape used for today's project (the silver on top of the "ornaments").  I had to spend ten minutes looking and rummaging through drawers, but I knew I had some and sure enough, I found it!

Notice that I used staples from the Tiny Attacher to secure the wires for my ornaments.  They were swinging around a bit too much for my taste.  I really like Tim's Tiny Attacher because the staples are petite and look really attractive and purposeful.

I don't own any German Scrap Trim, so I decided to just add gold paint around the edge of the tag for that dash of gold!

Hard to believe, but there are no holiday rub-ons or stickers in this apartment.  So I just hand cut the word "merry" from a piece of white cardstock.  In real life, it's probably half the size of the photo above.  Teeny tiny.

Finally, a bit of exciting news on a personal note!  A Swedish magazine called Scrapbooking m.m. contacted me after seeing my layout in the gallery at Two Peas and they're going to publish it!  How fun!

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