Tim Holtz and the 12 Tags of Christmas: Day 5
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Tim Holtz and the 12 Tags of Christmas: Day 6

Tag #6 tag put a wrinkle in my forehead.  Here's Tim's tag:

And now the explanation of the wrinkle: I love "The 12 Tags of Christmas" for all the awesomely cool techniques.  Ways to use product that I never thought of, you know?  The problem with tag#6 is that it's the very clever use of the two stamps (tying the tree on the car - genius!) that is the star of this tag.  And unfortunately, most of my stamps are journaling squares, pattern stamps, and the like.  So I had to sit down for a bit of a think.

Here's what I came up with:

I combined a face stamp with a flower stamp (what a stroke of luck to have found them in my stash!) and voilá!  Here are the details:

In my opinion, this is a technique I will use over and over again.  I used two different hues of blue when I stamped the sentiment on this tag.  (Tim did it with two hues of red on his original tag.)  I love the subtle color variation!

I don't know why I don't use more grungeboard embellishments.  They're so easy to make and really look great.  Just stamp and cut them out!  I didn't have any of the sparkly fluff that Tim was using, so I decided to just go with Distress Stickles on the flower (and a tiny Prima rose).  

I had to get a little creative with the metal tag.  I had an oval metal shape and I tried to punch a hole in the center of it with my Crop-o-dile (see the ding?).  So I used one of my favorite tools from my silversmithing days to help....

It's a two-hole metal punch.  The reach is really shallow, but it will punch a hole through most metals, and any soft metal.  You think your Crop-o-dile can cut, but this thing gets through what the Crop-o-dile cannot.  Anyway, I punched a hole in the top of the oval, so it would work as a tag.  I cut a heart from some patterned paper (to cover the ding) and then filled the oval with Glossy Accents.  But I didn't like it when it was half-way dried and so I scraped off as much of it as I could.  I quickly carved a little heart, stamped it on the metal tag, and decided to live with the ding.  Authentic distressing, right?

Glad to hear that so many of you are enjoying the tags!  I'm a bit sad that we're already half way through.  Thanks for stopping by!

P.S.: Posted my first layouts in the Studio Calico gallery and now a fun bit of related good news here.