Day 8 of the Tag Saga
'Tis The Season...

Tim Holtz and the 12 Tags of Christmas: Day 9

Tag #9 from Tim Holtz has landed (and I was sort of channeling him yesterday when I broke out the mini filmstrip).  Here is Tim's tag:

I suffered a bit from using a tag so much smaller than his.  Things got crowded.  Here's mine:

I'm thinking that this would be a great topper for a birthday present - or maybe even instead of a card?  Let's take a peek at the details:

I had fun printing out those tiny photos and lining them up.  Though, truth be told, I did print mine in a strip, not individual photos as Tim did.  I'm kind of lazy that way.

I used chipboard instead of metal numbers (though how awesomely cool are those metal ones on Tim's tag?) but tried to add some metallic flair with the grungeboard hinge.  It's painted gold and the brads add a nice touch of hardware.

On the right, I used a binder clip - a cute little red one I've had in my stash forever instead of Tim's silver bulldog clip.  Because I didn't have a lot of room, I ended up hanging a single type charm from a string along the left side of the tag.  I thought about skipping it totally, but since I already skipped the flower (there's just no room!) I kind of wanted to get it in.  I can definitely say after doing this for nine days, Tim's aesthetic is a little busier with "stuff" than mine.  I work with a lot of layers of paint and ink, but I gravitate towards white space in a way that he just doesn't.  Makes it that much more interesting for me to translate his tags into my own!! 

Here's a big ugly mistake.  The "w" didn't quite punch strongly.  But it's part of the flavor and let's you know that it's handmade by me!  So I left it alone and didn't re-punch it!

Had a fabulous time in my weaving class!  I will share pics on tomorrow's post!

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