Tim Holtz and the 12 Tags of Christmas: Day 9
Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave

'Tis The Season...

Yes, it is the season for buying lots and lots of stuff.  Hannukah starts tonight at sundown.  But...um...I've kind of been buying stuff for myself lately!  Ooops!  Here's what I've purchased in the last few weeks:

Remains of the Day - an online class with Mary Ann Moss.  I have admired her travel journals for a hundred thousand years and now I get to take a class and learn how the heck she does it!  I'm so excited!

Punchinella, otherwise known as sequin waste.  Found a great price for it  here and lots of interesting shapes too!  It's great for stenciling and despite the myriad places selling sequins around here, I haven't yet encountered any Punchinella.  I probably don't ask the right people.

There comes a time in every girl's life when she runs out of gesso.  At such time, she must go to her local art store.  I find it difficult to keep my hands to myself when I'm at Lee's Art Shop.  So, a few things may have wandered into my basket...!  I bought the gesso, some india ink, and two watercolor journals.  I thought it was very restrained considering what I wanted to grab off the shelves!

The mail brought a happy surprise or two yesterday.  Hambly had a Black Friday sale and I could not resist stocking up on my favorite transparencies, those buttery rub-ons, and some shimmery screenprinted paper!  Sigh.  Doesn't it look delicious? I'm so excited to dig in!

Can you say feeding frenzy?  Not only did I buy the main kit at Studio Calico this month.  But I bought an add-on and some Maya Mists and some stamps and...truth be told, I went back and forth and ended up checking out four different times.  I just couldn't say no to anything.  And worse yet, I now regret not getting one of the add-ons that I hemmed and hawed about.  And of course, it's sold out, which is probably good because I don't need it.  Lust is such an ugly thing.

I have been searching high and low for these bird stamps from 7gypsies (in the center).  When I saw that they were in this month's add-on at Cocoa Daisy, I lunged at the kit and ordered it right up!  The rest of the kit contents are pretty fab as well!

Almost enough self-gifting for eight nights of Hannukah, don't you think?  ;)

So onto tag #10.  Here is Tim's original:

And my interpretation:

This was a really hard tag to photograph.  I probably should have waited for some daylight.  Not a lot of "stuff" on this one.  Really just a single technique.  Here are some close-ups:

Remember that thing about not throwing anything away?  Well it worked out for me again!  I found some strips of metal tape that I was able to use!  Hurrah for pack rats!  Also, I didn't have any of the adirondack fillable pens, so I used a waterbrush filled with blending solution and painted with the alcohol inks.

I really enjoyed doing the staple stitches.  Very Frankenstein.  And they had the added benefit of covering up the real seams from my metal tape (which was smaller than the tag).

Only two more tags left!

Thanks for stopping by!