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I've been enjoying the fine weather in L.A. for the past few days while I visited my brother. It's so lovely to be out and about in January without a coat. We did a lot in a few short days. One highlight: I had never been to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) and was delighted to have the opportunity to go. I thought some of the curating choices were a little weird, but I enjoyed the visit nonetheless. The physical museum is really beautiful and just enormous. Here I am with an enormous piece by Richard Serra. (it's... Read more →

In looking at my photos today I realize what a terrible job I did at taking any photos in the Sakura booth, where I spent two days running the "mini canvas make and take" from 9am-5pm. Ooops! But I have a really good excuse. On Monday night I came down with something terrible. Some kind of hideous stomach bug or food poisoning or something. I have to admit that it meant that Monday night, Tuesday, and Wednesday kind of went by in a sweaty haze. I was trying my best not to let anyone know that I was sick. But... Read more →

First up, a brief correction. Margie Romney-Astley's new product line is called "The Girls' Paperie" and her kit club is called "The Girls' Loft." Now on to the business of the show! Can you believe that we're still on day one? I took almost 700 photos on the first day of CHA. Since I knew that I'd be moored to the Sakura booth for days 2 and 3, I wanted to cover as much of the show as possible. Maya Road had some fun new things and some old favorites as well. I love their canvas albums! (There was quite... Read more →

Believe it or not, yesterday's post didn't even get us to lunchtime on day one. Also, I realized that I may not have fully explained CHA yesterday. Basically, twice a year the Craft and Hobby Association hosts a major industry show. Its purpose is to educate retailers, link manufacturers, create opportunities for designers, and sell, sell, sell. The basics of buying: You can only buy product if you have a wholesale number. Most companies have a minimum dollar amount of product that you must buy. Most products are sold in packs of 3 or 25 or some other number that... Read more →

My feet hurt. A lot. My friend Nat Kalbach is lying on my bed here at the Marriott and she just muttered, "I don't have feet." Yep. Our feet hurt. But we're happy! Day One at the Craft and Hobby Association Show and what a day! Some things that are different from my last two trips: I'm staying in the hotel that is attached to the convention center. This makes a HUGE difference! It's worth every single penny. No bus to take. No need to schlep everything all day long. I am so happy that I reserved early! I'm not... Read more →

I'm about to hop on a plane. I'm sure the CHA posts will be fast and furious (or at least long and detailed from here on out). So before I get into all of that, a few lovely things I wanted to share: 1. Stumbled upon these cool altered photos by Hagit here. She's teaching a class and it looks AMAZING! 2. This YouTube video reminds me why I scrapbook. 3. A few of my quilting students told me about this retreat: It's held in Connecticut and it's called "Art" There isn't a lot of information on the website... Read more →

I have two art journals going right now and a mega post for you as a result. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and stay a while.... First up: I'm taking Kelly Kilmer's class, "A Life Made By Hand." I ended up using my "Remains of the Day" book for Kelly's journaling prompts. I'm doing the prompts in order, though not necessarily every day. Here's what I've got so far: You can see how I made a little flap that opens up. Essentially I sandwiched photos (backed with pretty Basic Grey paper) in between pieces of packing tape. I... Read more →

Oh, baby! I am having so much fun with the February Kit from Cocoa Daisy. This is my very first time guest designing for a kit club (hopefully not the last) and it is a hoot! It goes without saying that the kit is super fab. I can't show you everything, but here's a peek: Perhaps it's the fact that Valentine's Day is coming, but I'm in a romantic mood. You can see some more peeks here. Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

Yesterday was my first portrait drawing class at the Educational Alliance. I had a lot of fun. Here's a photo of the studio: It's a large room with lots of natural light. A circle of easels (I've never worked on an easel before!) surround a center platform. The instructor walked into the room and said, "Let's draw!" And just like that, we were off to the races. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, so I just grabbed a piece of charcoal and jumped in! For the drawing above he posed for 5 minutes, 3 times. So this... Read more →

I love getting mail! Not just because I love getting mail, but because I love getting boxes in the mail! Every box that comes into this house becomes a storage unit. I have three general ways of cutting boxes into storage containers. The red part is the part of the box that I like to cut away. Here's what they look like in real life: I like to use the wide mouth boxes for things like mini albums, felties, letter stickets, etc. You can put the box on a shelf and it doesn't take up much room. I write what's... Read more →