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Make a Bag from a Paper Envelope

When I was putting together the kits for the "Crafty Jewelry" class I'm teaching today at The Ink Pad, I decided that I wanted to put the kit elements (all small little elements) into mini paper bags.  However, I didn't have any mini paper bags.  So I did what any crafter would do, and decided to make some!  I turned an envelope into this:

This is a project (making a bag from a paper envelope) that has been around for ages.  I remember seeing it on The Carol Duvall Show years and years ago.  Of course, I've made my own adaptations.  Here's the step-by-step for you:

STEP ONE: Seal the envelope.

STEP TWO: Use a border punch to cut a decorative edge across the top.

STEP THREE: Score the bottom of the envelope and both sides about three-quarters of the way in.

STEP FOUR: Fold along the score lines.

STEP FIVE: Put your hand in the envelope and flatten the bottom and sides of the bag until there are little triangles at the corners.

STEP SIX: Fold the triangles to the bottom of the bag and glue in place.  (I used Glue Dots.)

And you've got a bag!

Super cute!  I filled mine with all the parts for the kit, folded the edge, and added a bit of decoration.

So much nicer than getting your kit in a Ziploc baggie, don't you think?

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