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Blog Stumbling

I save all of the comments that people leave on my blog.  And then when I get a free block of time I answer the questions that need answering, and I take a wander through all the blog urls that have been left by the commenters.  I usually try to leave a comment on the blogs I visit, though sometimes I get shy and just poke around and leave.  Bad form, I know.  But it was on such a wander that I discovered all of these awesome ideas:

Sherri P's 52 Lists

A blogger named Sherri, who blogs at "Just Past Midday," is running a year-long art journaling challenge called "52 Lists."  I think it's a brilliant idea.  Every Monday there is a new list.  Topics range from "favorite books" to "things you'd save if your home was on fire" to "bad habits."  

I'm already dreaming about some lists I want to make.

Remember, just because it's a year-long challenge doesn't mean you have to start in January or even at the beginning.

Tami's Ink Pad Background

A blogger named Tami B., who blogs at "Dapple Designs," made this stunning card:

I love, love, loved that artful grey background.  Well, it turns out that she simply pressed the ink pad to the cardstock.  Wow!  I love the way it looks and it's so simple and lovely!

Violette's Art Journaling Links

Blogger Violette, blogging at "Violette's Creative Juice," has a great list of art journaling links. 

My favorite of the links was to Kelly Brown's basic art journaling handout.  It's a lovely resource.  Even if you're an experienced art journaler, you'll find something of use in it.  Take a peek and download a copy for yourself!

Gio's Covered Moleskines

Gio, blogging at "Scrap in Progress," shares a collection of soft ATCs and then these gorgeous little covered moleskines:

I always have a moleskine in my purse.  And I'd much rather have a pretty one like this than the plain old black one I've got lying around!  Definitely got to try it!

Natalie's Week in the Life Album

Natalie, who blogs at "Scrap Doctor," has shared some pieces from the most beautiful "Week in the Life" album I've ever seen.

She has used washi tape and doilies throughout and it's just gorgeous!!  Definitely take a peek!

Mary's Doodles

For this link I actually followed a hit from my typepad referrers.  Mary had listed my blog in her sidebar and someone clicked on it, so I was able to find her blog.  She blogs at "Joyful Ploys."  I was massively impressed by her doodling...

...and she recommended a book, which I immediately went out to buy (okay, I sat in my pajamas and ordered it through Amazon): Pattern Motifs: A Sourcebook  by Graham Leslie McCallum.  Can't wait for it to arrive in the mail! (ETA: It arrived and it's fabulous!  I've already used it for several projects!)

Hagit's Post About Embracing Imperfection

Hagit, who blogs at "Crafty Musings by Hagit," has a brilliant post about embracing imperfection.  She shows examples of "mistakes" like the one below...

Altered Domino2
...and talks about what the "mistake" was and why she thinks it's better this way!  You know me, I love the idea of embracing imperfection, so this post made me grin from ear to ear!


So many great ideas out there!  Thanks for stopping by!