Mixed Media Quilt at The City Quilter: Part Two!

In My Heart

This is one of my very favorite mini quilts that I've made.

It's called "In My Heart" and features six needle felted hearts decorated with book page words.  I'm a big fan of the heart as a symbol.  A lot of my work has hearts in it.  And almost everything I make is memory or personal journey based.  This quilt is about all the different things I was feeling in my heart on the day that I made it.  In that sense, it's kind of a scrapbook page.  A moment in time captured.  Take a closer look:

The background of the quilt is canvas, which I patterned and painted.

After I painted this canvas up I sort of didn't want to use it because I just loved the way it looked!  But then I reminded myself that using it in a finished piece of art is much better than just having it tucked away in my stash!  I am so very guilty of hoarding things I love instead of using them.  So, so silly.  I often have to remind myself that I will feel more inspired and create lovelier things if I use my very favorite things for creating!

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