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Of Note on Sunday

Hope everyone is having a fab Sunday! 

My DVD...

10QM13 currently available for pre-sale!  Yipee!  It's $19.95 and you can purchase it here

Grow your technique repertoire! Learn numerous quick and reliable techniques to use when creating mixed-media art. There’s no need to buy special equipment—use what you have on hand (junk mail, cardboard toilet paper tubes, plastic forks, etc.) and mix it up with your art supplies. Artist Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shares a compendium of techniques to use anywhere, even in a small apartment—no ventilation issues, no space-hog issues. Make a mess, have some fun, use your stash, get it done quickly! This DVD is divided into three major concepts: Creating a Textured Foundation, Layering Art Mediums, and Patterning with Paint. A variety of fun, quick, and easy techniques are demonstrated for each topic.

Here are two projects that I created for the DVD:


BeHappy-Detail-sm (Learn how to embed transparencies on the DVD)


TrySomethingNewDetail-sm (Learn the secret to transforming notebook paper, catalog pages, and old patterned paper into something else entirely on the DVD.)

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