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Quick and Easy Wrapping Paper

I've landed back in New York City after just about a week away!  There's nothing quite as sweet as coming home, is there?  Of course, now the great clean up must begin.  Can I admit that I've been so busy for the past month or so that I have just put everything I own in huge piles?  Now it's time to pay the piper and clean it all up.  Sigh.

But lest I start complaining, let me say how very touched I am by all the congratulations that were left on yesterday's post.  Thank you for your generosity and support.  It is much appreciated!  :)

And now on to a simple crafty idea:

Recently, I was unexpectedly invited to a birthday party for a friend.  I wanted to bring a little gift with me, so I grabbed some little paper embellishments I made (remember this tutorial), but I had no card.  So I decided to turn my wrapping paper into the card!

I took a book page and wrapped it around my gift (you can see the gift in the upper right hand corner of the photo below).  Once I had the parameters, I painted the book page.

Then I inserted the gift and wrapped it up!

The final step was to add a pretty ribbon:

Gift wrap and card all in one!  Give it a try!

Thanks for stopping by!