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Remember When I Used To Do 2 Page Layouts?

Well you probably don't remember because it was before I started blogging.  In the not-too-long-ago, I used to only make two-page layouts.  I couldn't imagine how it would look to have two different and uncoordinated one-page layouts facing each other in my album.  Here are some circa 2005/2006/2007 two-pagers (and note that almost none of them are every day layouts, they're mostly all event layouts):

WorthTheTrip-full-sm  ALiteralHighlight-full-sm
So you may be wondering, why am I sharing these two-pagers?  

I'm sharing them as a simple reminder to worry less.

Worry less about the product I'm using.

Worry less about showing off the coolest new techniques.

Worry less about design principles.

As much as some of these pages make my skin crawl from a design point-of-view, I am so delighted to have each and every one!  Not only do they tell stories that I only vaguely remember and would have fully forgotten without the journaling, but they tell an artistic tale too -- the story of my artistic journey. 

I remember creating each and every one.

I remember discovering paint. 

I remember learning how to mix and match patterned papers (with plenty of missteps along the way). 

I remember my obsession with ransom style journaling. 

I remember studying magazines to try and figure out how the designers made their layouts look so good. 

I remember playing with layering. 

I remember not being able to scrap without a square punch and a paper trimmer.

I often get obsessed with having things be "just so" and when I look at these layouts the truth it that it doesn't really matter.  I'm looking at the photos and reading the journaling.

For all the paint vs. pixels, artist vs. scrapbooker, published vs. non-published, freestyle vs. clean&'s all about the same thing isn't it?  Collecting and sharing those precious memories.  So time to worry less and journal more.  Definitely a thought I'm going to take with me tonight when I head off to a crop with the Manhattan Scrapbookers.

Hope you have a great weekend!


P.S. I thought I'd share a bangs update.  They're maybe sort of growing out.  Thank goodness!