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Art Journaling Week Comes to an End...

It is sad but true.  Art Journaling Week has come to an end.  (Tear.)

I had a blast!  And I want to thank my lovely guest bloggers: Linda, Amy, and Kitty.  And thank you to all of you out there for taking the time to stop by!  (And an extra special thank you to those of you have left comments!  They make doing things like this so worthwhile!)

A few more Questions and Answers:

Q: Just wondering where i could find those type of stenciles?? are they self adhesive? if not do you add spray glue?

A: The stencils I used in the fast forward video on Friday are from The Crafter's Workshop.  They make the best stencils in the world!  They are not self adhesive and I don't add spray glue.  I think the secret to getting a great stencilled image is using a colorant that isn't too wet.  And truth be told, I don't mind if things leak a little bit!  It's part of my aesthetic.

Q: I was wondering what Adirondack Colour Wash Colours you use the most? I am thinking about investing in a few!

A: My most used colors are Butterscotch, Stream, and Wild Plum.  Second round of faves are Red Pepper, Terra Cotta, and Lettuce!

Q: Have you ever mentioned how you select/pack your supplies when you go to an event like this by air? I'm going to Silver Bella as a complete newbie and am wondering about the best way to go and return. Any advice welcome.

A: I think the best solution is to ship your supplies.  I'm not always organized enough to ship before an event, but I almost always ship it afterwards.  I like to ship because art supplies are heavy, packing them in your suitcase is always a danger - what with liquids leaking all over your clothes, and because airlines charge a lot of money for overweight baggage.  That said, when I do pack my supplies I put all liquids into sealed plastic bags.  Delicate embellishments or products go into a sturdy shoebox that gets carefully placed into my suitcase.  Papers are placed in a large bag with a strong sheet of cardboard in the back, so they don't get bent.

As for the selecting, I bring what's on the class supply list(s).  And figure that if I forgot anything people are nice.  And there's usually shopping to be had if necessary!

Q: I couldn't turn the volume up loud enough to hear you (it very well could be my computer) ... can you write what you said about the gel glaze pens? I heard you had to let the first layer dry, but couldn't get the whole tip! Did you say they will blend???

A: Oooops!  I have lost my normal video camera somwhere in this disaster of a studio and had to use a back up, so it very well could be the recording!  But you're right.  The Sakura Glaze pens will blend together...

...for a very cool watercolor effect!

A Few More Inspired Pages to Share:

Sandra at "Sandra Scrap Creaties" is definitely on a roll.  Here's another fantastic page from her, this time using the magazine cut-out masking techinque...

...with an intensely doodled background.  And this one using magazine bits and bobs and lots of awesome lettering:

She has a step-by-step on her blog, so be sure to check it out!

Cuchy over at "Hecho a Mano" posted a fantastic page inspired by today's lettering tutorial!

I love how she used those book pages!  And what a fantastic background too!

And now I put the challenge out to you.  If you do a journal page inspired by Art Journaling Week, post a link in the comments section of this post.  Everyone who posts before August 31, 2010 at 11:59pm will be eligible to win an awesome prize box! I am going to stuff a Priority Mail box with paper crafting goodies! Here are some pics of what I've gathered so far...

Lots of patterned paper (scraps and full sheets)...

...embellishments and stamps...

...some special hand painted papers (these are some of the samples I used when I filmed my DVD)...

...and some of my favorite pens, the Sakura Glaze pens!

And see that little star?  It's a piece I quilted and cut out  to use as an embellishment, and it's going into the box too!

And now that you've graduated from Art Journaling Week, you're entitled to one of these (heart) art journaling badges to proudly proclaim it to the world!

Hope you enjoyed the week!  I'm exhausted!  ;)

Thanks for stopping by!