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CREATE Retreat: Paint Stitch Tape

I taught my first class here at the CREATE Retreat.  My Mother kindly came along as my super helpful assistant and she took all of the photos that I'm about to share.  It was funny looking at the photos tonight because I just assumed that she would take the same kinds of photos that I do.  But she didn't.  The things she found captivating -- the stories she wanted to tell -- were different than mine.  And I found that intensely interesting.  It reminded me of another reason that I'm so gung ho about memory keeping.  Everyone's perspective on the same event is unique. A good reminder to me to not only ask my family to share their thoughts, but to pass off the camera so that I can see the world through their eyes.

So take a tour of the classroom through my Mother's eyes (and my narration):

It was a nice classroom with lots of natural light.

We did some of my favorite things...

I did some demos.

Lunch had to be delivered.

And the class slowly expanded and exploded all over the tables...

...and even on to the floor!

Thank goodness they covered the carpet (well, most of the carpet) all Dexter style with clear dropcloths.  And at the end of our 7+ hours together my students admitted that even though I asked them to bring a suitcase full of supplies...

...it was well worth it!

This was a wonderful and inspiring group of ladies!  I'm excited to see what tomorrow will bring!