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Art Journaling with Kitty

Do you have Art Journaling Fever?

First, thank you.  Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments!  The lavish praise feels so nice and I really appreciate it!!

Secondly, I went to teach at The City Quilter today and a few of my students told me that they are obsessed with art journaling due to Art Journaling Week.  One student shared that she hasn't done dishes or laundry this week.  She has let all responsibilities drop so that she can participate in art journaling week!  Got to love that! Check out some of the journal pages they brought in to show off:

That gold snowflake-y thing in the spread above is a piece of a paper napkin!!!

Liz made her art journal from loose papers and some old book covers she found on the mean streets of New York City!  How cool is that?

How about you?  Are you obsessed?

And now, Answers to Questions:

Q: I would love to share all of my art work that you've inspired. As you may remember, I am a high school teacher. I would also love to share my students' journals because they were also inspired by you. But, alas, I don't have a blog.

A: No worries!  You can still share your art journal pages!  Upload them to a free site like flickr or photobucket.

Q: On the video you said you were using a small round brush. what size was that?

A: The really small one is a size 0.

Q: Where do you find your quotes? I have looked on line, but rarely find ones there. Maybe I am looking on the wrong sites.

A: There are lots of great resources online.  I like Brainy Quote and the Quote Garden.  But I find most of my quotes in books or magazine articles and save them in a little quote inspiration notebook.

Some More Inspired Art to Share:

I'm delighted to see that so many people are inspired by this week and want to play along!

Gio of "Scrap in Progress" has posted three art journaling pages.  One inspired by Linda...

A1 inspired by Amy, and one inspired by me.  Visit her blog to see the other two!

Mirjarr of "Askartelua ja Elämätä" has posted the cover of her new art journal:

Don't you love that corrugated cardboard?

Sandra of "Sandra Scrap Creaties" is back with another page...

...this time Teesha inspired!  She used the back of her paintbrush to create those gold dots!

Lisa has been busy...

...and you can see closeups in her flickr photostream.

Finally, Nicole of "Made by Nicole" shares a ton of gorgeous art journal pages like this one...

...on her blog.  She also shares a scrapbook page made with some of these fun art journaling techniques.  You have to check it out!

As always I am blown away by you talented artists!  Thank you for sharing!

I'll be back in the afternoon with an awesome guest post.  You won't want to miss it!

Thanks for stopping by!