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Inspired by Kitty

I was totally inspired by Kitty's post!  I thought it was very brave and honest and I loved following her art journaling journey.  I also loved her idea for drawing the cute little dolly on a separate piece of paper and then layering it onto her art journal.  But what I really am obsessed with is the long skinny book that she describes how to make!  And I just had to make one of my own!  So I sat down this afternoon and started playing!

My outside cover is part of a decorative file folder from Staples.  I cut it down to size, rounded the corners (that makes a big difference), and stitched the pages in.  I covered the stitching with a piece of canvas that I painted.

I didn't have A4 size paper, so I raided my recycling bin and used 8.5x11 paper for the inside pages.

Folded into quarters, they certainly are long skinny pages.  But very cool looking!  I used everything from old script pages to handwritten notes, and even a W-9 tax form that never got filled out!

I can't wait to start filling it up with art!  I plan to masking tape and gesso over some of the pages, but to let some of the original text show through.  What a fun game to figure out what to reveal and what to hide!

Thanks for the inspiration, Kitty!