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On the Set of Quilting Arts TV!

I spent the day on the set of Quilting Arts TV.  The show is taped in Cleveland and quilters fly in from all over the country to be there and show off their projects and products!

I've done TV enough times to know there are certain rules: manicure with clear polish, long sleeves, bright colors, no white or red clothing, and busy patterns have a habit of jumping all over the screen, and get some sleep!  You look much much better with some sleep under your belt.  However, with CREATE and all the running around, I was feeling pretty ragged.  I hadn't even managed to get a manicure, so something needed to be done about how I looked.

I decided that I needed a haircut.

So just after midnight I took my Cutterbees out of my suitcase and started chopping away.  What do you think?

Haircut Even accounting for the fact that I have makeup on in the second photo and not in the first, I still think that the haircut was a good idea.  It's shorter than I originally intended, but I think it's fun and young and professional.  I was looking a little scraggly before.

But enough about me, how about a quick tour of the studio?

First up is the green room (so called, not because it happens to be green, but because the holding room for actors not on stage has a long history of being called "the green room")!  Boxes and projects and so much stuff spread out everywhere!  I snapped these photos while everyone was at lunch.

That little table pictured above faces a large flat screen TV where you can watch the filming taking place.

When you leave the green room to head into the studio the door has photos of Quilting Arts TV hostess (and editor-in-chief) Pokey Bolton in her various outfits.

Because the show tapes out of order, it's important to keep the host's outfits clear for each episode of the show!

And now here's the studio itself!

And here's the view of the cameras when you're standing on the set.

That really tall camera above?  That's the overhead camera that I wish I had at home!  It would make showing off techniques on video so much easier!

And here's a quick shot of the set just before filming is about to begin.

And finally, the brains of the whole operation, the control room!

As for the projects I demoed on set, well, you'll just have to come back tomorrow and Thursday to see them!

Thanks for stopping by!