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I have compiled lots of art journaling links for you! I hope you enjoy them! Some of my favorite art journalers: Mary Ann Moss of "Dispatch from LA" DJ Pettitt of "Gentle Whispering Hues" Samantha Kira of "Journal Girl" Ingrid Dijkers of "Ingrid Dijkers" Mary of "Joyful Ploys" Judy Wise of "Judy Wise" Orly Avineri of "One-Artist Journal" Ro Bruhn of "My Life in Colour" Teesha Moore of "Teesha Moore" Inspiration can be found in many places, but check out these links: 30 Journals in 30 Days is part of "Dirty Footprints Studio." It's 30 interviews with 30 art journalers... Read more →

I was totally inspired by Kitty's post! I thought it was very brave and honest and I loved following her art journaling journey. I also loved her idea for drawing the cute little dolly on a separate piece of paper and then layering it onto her art journal. But what I really am obsessed with is the long skinny book that she describes how to make! And I just had to make one of my own! So I sat down this afternoon and started playing! My outside cover is part of a decorative file folder from Staples. I cut it... Read more →

Today's guest post is from Katja Benevol Gabrijelčič. Art Journaling with Kitty Hello all! My name is Katja but since my sister started calling me Kitty when we were in high school, this became my “internet name.” I was always a crafter and I became an avid collector of techniques when the internet came to be. Forums, mailing lists – I found people like me and suddenly I wasn’t a weirdo anymore. I was cozy among my peers. I started blogging sporadically in 2007 together with my husband and then we upped the number of posts in the following years.... Read more →

First, thank you. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments! The lavish praise feels so nice and I really appreciate it!! Secondly, I went to teach at The City Quilter today and a few of my students told me that they are obsessed with art journaling due to Art Journaling Week. One student shared that she hasn't done dishes or laundry this week. She has let all responsibilities drop so that she can participate in art journaling week! Got to love that! Check out some of the journal pages they brought in to show off: That gold... Read more →

Sometimes you have a little more time and want to make an art journal page that reflects a single thought or feeling. In that case I like to work in a smaller book. Yesterday's page was in a standard sized notebook. Today's page is in a medium sized watercolor moleskine. When I do solo pages, it is a method of layering that I most commonly employ. I made a little video. Check it out: Let me know if you have any questions! Here are some more of my "one page - one idea" journal entries. Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

Can I tell you how delighted I am to see so many people excited about art journaling?! Yay! Keep the questions and comments and pages and ideas coming! And remember, you can do it! "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." --Pablo Picasso Some answers to questions: Q: Where did you get that mask of the girl/woman that you out your To Do list in? A: I made it from a magazine page! I made this video for a guest post on Ali Edwards' blog last year. It explains how... Read more →

Today we're going to explore art journaling pages that incorporate a strong image from a magazine. I have to admit that this is a type of art journaling I rarely do. But it's wildly popular. And my favorite master of this technique is Teesha Moore. These are two of her intensely colored, doodled, and collaged masterpieces: Aren't they amazing!? Be sure to check out her blog. I'm hoping that I'll have the opportunity to take a class with her one of these days at her events ArtFest and/or JournalFest! Wouldn't that be awesome? There are many, many ways to approach... Read more →

I'm a technique girl! Show me a technique and I can't wait to start playing and put my own spin on it! Amy's post really got my creative juices going! The first thing I did was start punching holes into masking tape! Check it out: This is the center spine of my large every day art journal. I didn't have any of that cool hole-y drywall tape, so I punched large circles (1") into some masking tape with a paper punch. And see that white edge on the left, above? That's where I peeled off some of the tape, as... Read more →

Today's guest post is by Amy Lapi. Texturing Techniques Hello there! I'm Amy from Creating Myself and I'm so happy, honored, & excited to be contributing to one of my favorite blogs today! I'm especially excited to be posting about one of my favorite hobbies! Since I was a kid, I've kept journals, scrapbooks, notebooks (basically anything made of paper!) stuffed to the brim with memories. I collected photos and memorabilia and cut & pasted until my hands were tired. But the collecting and pasting were never my favorite part about keeping journals- it was the "getting messy" part that... Read more →

I was very inspired by Linda's post today! And I hope that you were too. In fact I sat down and used a few of her techniques to create this entry in my art journal (this is one of my smaller art journals - it's a watercolor moleskine about 16"x5" when open): Here's what I took away from Linda's tutorial: How about you? Have you been inspired? Leave me a link if you've got an art journal page or two to share! I've got a guest post from Amy coming your way in about 2 hours. She's got some fun... Read more →