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I love how much everyone loved yesterday's project! Thank you for all the enthusiastic comments. Also, there were a lot of questions about the "how to" of those $1 buckets. I answered in the comments, but just in case you were wondering: I used gesso to prime the buckets. I used mostly acrylic paint to paint them. And I sealed them with a gloss multi medium. Hope that answers your questions! Now onto today's post! ------ One of the really fun developments of the InfoCrea line of products over the past year has been the addition of lots of transparencies!... Read more →

My brother's apartment is (fortunately or unfortunately) about a block from the Michaels in Manhattan. You can't visit him and not go to Michaels right? I brought home these $1 tin Christmas buckets... ...and splashed paint all over them! I love the results and can't wait to fill them with pens and brushes and have them sit on my desk! Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

I have been getting more and more interested in collage and assemblage. What's the difference between collage and assemblage? It's a bit like the difference between a square and a rectangle. Generally speaking collage is mixing together different items to create a new whole, usually attached to a canvas or piece of paper. Assemblage is the act of putting together a three-dimensional piece of art using a collection of objects. This is a piece by one of my favorite assemblage artists, Joseph Cornell. Isn't it lovely? I think an interest in collage and assemblage is a natural extension of being... Read more →

I'm going to be teaching three classes at the Paper&Co Show in France November 26, 27 and 28. Yay! All classes are two hours long. Collage Painting We’ll create a fun and fast collage background and then it’s on to the main event: painting the face! Even if you think you can’t draw, come and learn this easy technique to create a pleasing face on an 8x10 canvas. Creative Masking & Stenciling In this hands-on class, we’ll be mixing up commercial stencils and masks with ones we cut ourselves! Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, there will be plenty... Read more →

Join me for a FREE online Live With Prima class on Monday at 2pm EST. We're going to be decorating this cool canvas purse album: Did you know that this blank canvas album and the birdhouse blank canvas album were both designed by the extremely talented Louise Williams? They are such great surfaces for creating and we are going to be spraying and painting and having a great time! I can't wait! Hope you'll join me in the online classroom at 2pm EST on Monday! And don't forget, if you miss the class, you can still catch it later because... Read more →

Embrace Failure

I'm trying to START my poor art journal. So much I want to try, and then I can't find the courage to put brush to paper. Argh! I keep meaning to do it, but then I revert into "safer" creative pursuits, like drawing something, working on beads- anything that already has its process and doesn't feel foreign to me. I know I need to dive in, but I'm scared. Isn't that crazy? - Chel Chel I know what you mean! I'm the same way! I am afraid to let go! Afraid of destroying what I've made instead of just letting... Read more →

Thought I'd share what's been going on in my daily art journal these days! And remember the raindrop motif I created inspired by Amy Lapi during Art Journaling Week? Well, I embellished it with some glitter and a bit of stamping: And while I was in Chicago, I sat in my hotel room and I made this page: But when I got back home I decided to add a whole bunch of journaling blocks. Sometimes you have to just cover things up and add those layers, no matter how pretty it may be! For me, an art journal is a... Read more →

I went on a little bit of a stamp carving binge. I designed this stamp so that it can stand alone as half a flower, or you can stamp it twice to complete the image. It's a little squished in the middle, but I still think it's way cool! This is a re-make of one of my favorite stamps that I have ever carved. I brought it with me to CREATE in Chicago and it somehow got destroyed on the voyage home. So I redid it. I had a few extra triangles left over... ...and I think they're cute. I'll... Read more →

I love reading the articles on design in scrapbooking magazine. I still have burned into my brain the advice to match the color of the clothing in the photograph to the color of your background paper. This advice, however, comes from a time when we also believed that if one person was wearing blue and the other person was wearing red, you had to make the photo black-and-white because the red and the blue clashed too much in your photo. Times certainly have changed, haven't they? I'm always delighted to break the rules and have a little bit of fun.... Read more →