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Some awesome ideas for you!

Masked Title

Brilliant tutorial from Anja Wade at the Cocoa Daisy blog.  I adore the idea of making your base layer (i.e. the bright red cardstock) into your title, peeking through all the layers of paint!

Ruffly Trim

Very clever tutorial from Dawn McVey on the Ella Publishing blog.  She shows you how to turn felt into this cool ruffly trim!  Minimal sewing skills required!

Cool Die Cut Envelope

Step 5
On the Crate Paper blog Sarah Martina takes you step-by-step through the process of making this gorgeous die cut envelope.  It's so simple and elegant and just lovely!

Making Jewelry
This one isn't really a tutorial.  But Ruth Rae has a great tip for a method of designing a necklace.  I like her idea because I often find the pieces I make look so different when they're hanging on a person than when I'm working on them on a flat desk.

Time Line Book

Again, not really a tutorial.  But rather a description of her project.  But there's enough information in Elise's post so that you can replicate the project if you'd like to.  I love the concept: One family photo every month with a simple line or two of journaling.  Major events also get a single photo and maybe a bit more journaling.  She is planning on doing this project for eternity and I think it would be very cool.  Also a great way for non-scrapbookers to do a bit of memory keeping in a simple way.

Taped Envelope Bag

Making a bag out of an envelope is nothing new.  It's an idea that has been around forever.  I even did a tutorial on it in April.  But what I love about this tutorial is the idea of adding tape to create a pattern.  I'm taped obsessed and it seems like the whole of the internet is as well.  This is such a fun way to show off your tapes!  From the "How About Orange" blog.

Custom Epoxy Accents

Memo pin 5_001
Super easy idea from Studio 490 (I found it via ScrapScene).  These are memo pins filled with a printed paper circle and Glossy Accents.  So darn easy! 

Mini Caramel Apples

I know I don't usually do recipes, but this is kind of more crafty than actual cooking.  And how cute!  The stick is a pretzel, so it's 100% edible.  Yum!  I can't wait to give this one a try!

Printed Fabric from Tape

The fabric on that pillow is a print made with tape and paint.  It looks incredibly easy and I like the irregularity of the print where the tape has been ripped.  Fantastic idea!

Scrappy Flowers

On the Crate Paper blog Amy Heller shares an easy tutorial on making these scrappy flowers!  I love the layered centers she has created and how she's used the stick pins.  Very clever!

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