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Chevron Stamp Tutorial/Addiction

I've been watching this girl use her new chevron stamp on everything.  And it made me want one wicked bad!  I could have paid the $28 for this kit (which contains the stamp) just to get the stamp, but it simply wasn't in the budget this month.  I know that the stamp will be available in a few months, but I just couldn't wait that long! 

So I made my own. 

And it was pretty easy.  So easy, that I'm going to show you how to make your own!


  • Carving Block
  • Ruler
  • Box Cutter
  • Linoleum Cutting Tools
  • Glass Mat
  • Pen

STEP ONE: Divide The Space

For all my measurements I used a quilting ruler that has a grid and allows you to see through it.  Best invention!

Measure two equal halves.  Mine are each 5/8" (otherwise known as 5 mini squares if you're using the quilting ruler).

STEP TWO: Determine the Angle

Going the opposite way (perpendicular to the lines you have just drawn), draw lines to determine the angle of your chevron.  I spaced mine 1/4" apart for a fairly mellow (non steep) chevron shape.

The farther apart the lines are, the steeper the angle of the chevron pattern.

STEP THREE: Connect the Dots (so to speak)

Use your ruler to connect the lower inside corner of each box to the upper outside corner.

Ah, you can see the design starting to take shape!

STEP FOUR: Mark What is Staying

Roughly color in which parts of the stamp image will not be cut away.  I chose to alternate which shapes would get cut away -- like a checkerboard.

This helps to ensure that you like the image before you cut.


I like to use a box cutter and a ruler to cut the strip off before I carve the shapes. 

And then using your linoleum cutters, trim away everything that isn't colored in.

STEP SIX: Test Print

Do a test print of your stamp. 

If it looks good, congratulations!  If there are a few stray marks, go ahead and clean those up with your linoleum cutting tools.

I'm having a little bit of chevron madness!  I ended up making three of these stamps in varying sizes.

And you know, I have a funny suspicion that I just might end up buying the ready-made stamp in a few months as well!  I am officially chevron obsessed!

Take a peek at some of the lovely chevrons from flickr:

1. Chevron Love, 2. Chevron Scarf, 3. Friendship Bracelet Patterns - Five Favorites, 4. Vintage 1960s Walborg Formal Beaded Evening Bag Gold, 5. Knit - Honey Bunched - worn, 6. Three Pattern Postcards, 7. Chevrons #1, 8. Blue Orange Chevron, 9. b9668 Eyes on Chevrons

And if I had the money, I would definitely buy this gorgeous necklace:

Isn't it super fab?  I wonder if I can figure out how to make it myself...?!  Hmmm.  Going to have to think on that one.

And after I initially wrote this post, I made even more chevron stamps!  Here are two more (non-alternating this time):

Here's a look at all five stamps:

It's a crazy addiction, I'm telling you!

Finally, here's a quick layout I made using some of the chevron stamps. 

Eeek!  I know it's silly to be so in love with something so insignificant, but I just love how they look!  Here are the rest of the details:

Spray ink and watercolor paint, plus some washi tape.

I never would have chosen that sparkly blue-green ribbon (it came in a kit) but I love the punch it gives to the layout!

I used a white pen to punch up my chipboard letters.  (See all that yummy chevron-ness running under the title?!)

This flower is recycled.  I originally made it (punches + gesso + foam adhesive) for a treat bag.  Once the treats were gone I tossed the bag and kept the flower.  I was so glad to get to use it here!

So, do love chevrons as much as me?  I'm thinking of a thousand projects to use these stamps on.  My art journal is already covered in them.  Hmmm...I may print some fabric next...!

Thanks for stopping by!