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Print in Three Parts

Oh the things I could do if only I had the space!

How many times have you uttered those words?  I know I have like a million times.

I flip through magazines full of enormous art studios and say, "Someday...someday I will have a house and it will have an enormous studio!"

Why do I want an enormous studio?

Well, who wouldn't?

But one of the things that fascinates me and that I simply do not have the room to explore is screenprinting.  Part of what fascinates me with screenprinting is the ability to make multiple passes over a single image for all sorts of cool layers of color and pattern.

Well, rather than waiting around, I decided to play with what I had around.

I carved three stamps (various aspects of the same image)...

...and then printed all three on top of each other.  And one alone and a different one alone and then two together...and on and on until I had a whole bunch of cool prints!

Cool, right?

I stuck them all onto a canvas with green washi tape just to take the photos.  The wind was blowing and they wouldn't stay put any other way.  But I'm kind of digging the way it looks like that all together!  I might have to attach them permanently....

Then again, they look pretty cool alone too.

PoppyPrints-1 many ideas now!  I can't wait to buy some more carving blocks and keep up these printing experiments!

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