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Little Bits of Paper

I'm away in France for 10 days.  While I'm gone, I have a whole bunch of fun posts for you.  Here is today's....

Continuing yesterday's post full of admiration, I wanted to share some scrapbookers I love who rock the little bits of paper!  These girls can do so much with so little.  It's amazing, I tell you!

Name: Wilna Furstenberg
Blog: My he{art}

In My Opinion: Nobody makes repeated elements look as good as Wilna.  Her handwriting is amazing.  Her sense of design is perfection.  And I love how she always lets everything be a little bit not straight!  I have put so many of her layouts into my "favorites" that it's ridiculous.  Her layouts always feel so delicate and feminine too.  Just lovely!  (Wilna could have gone in the painty category, but lately her work has been a lot less about paint and a lot more about little snips of paper!)

Name: Jennifer Johner
Blog: The Little Things

In My Opinion:  Jennifer Johner was a name that I had heard, but I hadn't really seen her work until she guest designed for Studio Calico.  I was blown away.  She is absolutely amazing!  Every page she turns out has all these tiny random bits that just sing when she puts them together.  I love her hand drawn journaling blocks most of all.  (Though the fact that she doesn't just group everything in one spot but spreads it around is a close second.)

Name: Amanda Johnson
Blog: Here's Lookin' at Me Kid

In My Opinion: Mandi uses a minimal amount of product to great effect.  Seriously gorgeous pages with just a snip here and a few letters there.  I love her tiny photos and all the white space.  Plus she always has simple but really interesting stitching.  Just genius!

Name: Sasha Farina
Blog: Collection of Moments

DSC_0234 copy
In My Opinion: Lovely delicate layouts from Sasha. She uses lots of white space, circles, and girly embellishments.  Clever, clever designs and I think her minimal, but intelligent use of embellishments is just brilliant!

Name: Sasha Holloway
Blog: A Soldier Girls Thoughts

PL Sketch 169
In My Opinion: Awesome design, unique ideas, bright colors (lots of yellow in particular), and she uses little bits of paper so well!  While the layout pictured above uses a cardstock background she often does her thing using intensely patterned paper backgrounds and the effect is just awesome!  (See some cool examples here.)

Name: Tina Aszmus
Blog: live love paper

In My Opinion
: While Tina does rock the paint and mist, it's her use of little bits and pieces that drives me crazy!  I think she's the queen of saying a lot without almost nothing.  I love the simplicity of her pages and yet they're so vibrant and alive and full of movement and stuff to look at!

Name: Anne Jo Lexander
Blog: Little Corner of Ania
In My Opinion
: She mixes patterns, employs bright colors, and thinks outside the box. I love the way she clusters embellishments and uses her handwriting!  For me, she's kind of a classic/artsy mix.  Lots of her work has that glossy magazine clean design, but with artsy touches (like paint droplets).  Love it!

Name: Maggie Holmes
Blog: Maggie Holmes Photography

SC August Layouts-5397
In My Opinion
: Every page Maggie Holmes makes is perfection.  It's wrong for one person to have a monopoly on perfection that way!  She uses so many tiny and bits and pieces and arrives at a final product that is so much more!  I admire her restraint.  Just enough, but never too much.

Still missing your favorite scrappers?  No worries!  Tomorrow I'll be sharing my favorite of the "classics."  You know, the girls who rock scrapbook pages with lots of layers of paper, 4x6 photos, and plenty of straight lines!